Information and Systems-Neurocomputing(Date:2015/07/18)

Hierarchical structure in inferring others' actions and language: An fMRI study

Toshiki Iwabuchi(NRCPD),  Toshio Inui(Otemon Gakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]NC2015-16
An Integrated model of two processes in 3-D object recogniti

Masaki Uchida(Kyoto Univ.),  Nobuhiko Asakura(Otemon Gakuin Univ.),  Toshio Inui(Otemon Gakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]NC2015-15
Comparison of the arterial elasticity evaluation based on the carotid blood flow velocity and CAVI

Arisa Tada(Tokushima Univ.),  Masatake Akutagawa(Tokushima Univ.),  Takahiro Emoto(Tokushima Univ.),  Shigeru Obara(Tokushima Univ.),  Hiroyuki Tanaka(Naruto Univ. of Education),  Kazuo Yoshizaki(Tokushima Univ.),  Kazuyoshi Kitaoka(Tokushima Univ.),  Yohsuke Kinouchi(Tokushima Univ.),  Shinsuke Konaka(Tokushima Univ.),  

[Paper #]MBE2015-23
Feature extraction based on generation of Bayesian Network

Kaneharu Nishino(Univ. Tokyo),  Mary Inaba(Univ. Tokyo),  

[Paper #]NC2015-13
Optimization of receiver system for ultra-low field MRI with optically pumped atomic magnetometer

Tetsuya Yamamoto(Kyoto Univ.),  Takenori Oida(Kyoto Univ.),  Tetsuo Kobayashi(Kyoto Univ.),  

[Paper #]MBE2015-21
Usability Evaluation for Grip of Hammer

Kiyoko Yokoyama(Nagoya City Univ.),  Reiji Yasui(Nagoya City Univ.),  Kiyohisa Nishiyama(Nagoya Univ.),  Michirou Fujiyama(Maeda Shell Service Co.),  Tatsuhiro Maeda(Maeda Shell Service Co.),  

[Paper #]MBE2015-22
Study on sampling strategy with compressed sensing in MR spectroscopy

Takenori Oida(Kyoto Univ.),  Tomokazu Murase(Meiji Univ. of Integrative Med.),  Masahiro Umeda(Meiji Univ. of Integrative Med.),  

[Paper #]MBE2015-20
A fast algorithm for the probabilistic image denoising using the permutohedral lattice

Shun Kataoka(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]NC2015-14
Accuracy Improvement Method of Self-Localization for Outdoor Multiple Mobile Robots Using Neural Network

Heejin Lee(Tokushima Univ.),  Takahiro Kitajima(Tokushima Univ.),  Masaharu Inoue(Tokushima Univ.),  Takashi Yasuno(Tokushima Univ.),  Akinobu Kuwahara(Tokushima Univ.),  

[Paper #]NC2015-12
Analysis of a chaotic time series using connection weight vectors of neural networks

Masatake Akutagawa(Tokushima Univ.),  Takahiro Kinouchi(Tokushima Univ.),  Takahiro Emoto(Tokushima Univ.),  Hirofumi Nagashino(Tokushima Univ.),  Shinsuke Konaka(Tokushima Univ.),  Yohsuke Kinouchi(Tokushima Univ.),  

[Paper #]MBE2015-24