Information and Systems-ME and Bio Cybernetics(Date:2018/07/26)

[Invited Talk] Human Sensing with Computer Vision toward Human Computer Interaction

Yoshio Iwai(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-11,MBE2018-19
Investigation of Influence of Variation in Standing Positions for Identification using Body Sway

Takuya Kamitani(Tottori Univ.),  Toshiki Agata(Tottori Univ.),  Hiroki Yoshimura(Tottori Univ.),  Masashi Nishiyama(Tottori Univ.),  Yoshio Iwai(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-8,MBE2018-16
Estimation of Objective Intelligibility Focused on Student's Nonverbal Behavior in Teaching Scenes between Two Persons

Ryo Miyoshi(Chukyo Univ.),  Koichi Taguchi(Chukyo Univ.),  Manabu Hashimoto(Chukyo Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-10,MBE2018-18
A Proposal of Integrated Feature of Gaze and Motion for Analyzing Relationships between View and Body Motion in Assembly Tasks

Yohei Kawase(Chukyo Univ.),  Koichi Taguchi(Chukyo Univ.),  Manabu Hashimoto(Chukyo Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-9,MBE2018-17
Relationship between Pedal Operations and EEG signals of Vehicle Drivers at Traffic Signals

Akira Utsumi(ATR),  Hiroshi Ashida(ATR/Kyoto Univ.),  Kenji Susami(ATR/Kindai Univ.),  Isamu Nagasawa(SUBARU),  Norihiro Hagita(ATR),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-7,MBE2018-15
Biometric authentication using a part of ECG waveform

Yuki Hayashi(Chiba Univ.),  Hiroyuki Yoshimura(Chiba Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-12,MBE2018-20
Person Authentication Using Evoked EEGs by Inaudible Auditory Stimulation

Kenta Kanbe(Tottori Univ.),  Takehiro Maruoka(Tottori Univ.),  Isao Nakanishi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-17,MBE2018-25
Personal Authentication by Eye Blink Using Time-series Directional Features

Keisuke Takano(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Azusa Takano(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Hironobu Takano(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-14,MBE2018-22
Evaluation of Eye Movement Authentication for Difference of Moving Range of Gaze

Shion Tagawa(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  Hironobu Takano(Toyama Pref. Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-15,MBE2018-23
Person authentication using evoked EEG by invisible visual stimulation

Nozomu Kinjo(Tottori Univ.),  Isao Nakanishi(Tottori Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-16,MBE2018-24
A Study on Non-contact Heart Rate Measurement with Adaptive Notch Filter and CSD

Masahiro Koyama(Tottori Univ.),  Seiya Yamori(Tottori Univ.),  Naoto Sasaoka(Tottori Univ.),  Yoshio Itoh(Tottori Univ.),  Daisuke Takahara(Sharp),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-13,MBE2018-21
Biometric-bit-string generation from speech information on smart-phones

Aki Harada(The Univ. of Kitakyushu),  Yasushi Yamazaki(The Univ. of Kitakyushu),  Tetsushi Ohki(Shizuoka Univ.),  

[Paper #]BioX2018-18,MBE2018-26