Human Communication Group-Human Communication Science(Date:2014/05/22)



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Theta phase synchronization for manipulation of representation in working memory

Masahiro KAWASAKI,  Keiichi KITAJO,  Yoko YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-1,HIP2014-1
Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Hitting-Movements

Nozomi Tsuchida,  Piyarat Silapasuphakornwong,  Hiroshi UNNO,  Masahiro SUZUKI,  Kazutake UEHIRA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-2,HIP2014-2
Improvement of Technique to Estimate Visually Perceived Location by Using Reaching-Movements : Estimation Using Function of χ^2 Distribution

Kazuki MATSUSHIMA,  Piyarat Silapasuphakornwong,  Hiroshi UNNO,  Masahiro SUZUKI,  Kazutake UEHIRA,  Yuichi TAKEDA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-3,HIP2014-3
Across-Channel Temporal Gap Detection in Vision : The Case of Spatial Frequency

Nobuyuki HIROSE,  Miwa YAMAMOTO,  Shuji MORI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-4,HIP2014-4
Cultural Difference of Irony Interpretation Based on Facial Expressions between Japanese and Chinese

Entoku RIN,  Yugo TAKEUCHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-5,HIP2014-5
Discourse Politeness Theory and Its Application : for the prevention and solution of miscommunication

Mayumi USAMI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-6,HIP2014-6
Piecewise Time-Scale Modification based on Prosodic Features that Maintains Speakers' Impressions

Takahiro ONO,  Hiroto SAITO,  Naoki MUKAWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-7,HIP2014-7
Gender effect on infant word acquisition order

Yasuhiro MINAMI,  Tessei KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-8,HIP2014-8
Developmental changes in vocabulary composition in Japanese children

Tessei KOBAYASHI,  Yasuhiro MINAMI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-9,HIP2014-9
Color and Symbol Extraction for Creating a Book Cover Image that Reflects Reader Impressions

Mitsuhiro MAKINO,  Tomoko KAJIYAMA,  Noritomo / OUCHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-10,HIP2014-10
PEACS : Partial Expanding And Contracting information-Space

Eri YOKOKAWA,  Shun-ichi YONEMURA,  Masahiro WATANABE,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-11,HIP2014-11
Support Tool for An Improved Utterance Classification Method Based on Mutual Belief

Kenta NAKAMURA,  Kohei NONOSE,  Taro KANNO,  Kazuo FURUTA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-12,HIP2014-12
Study of Interruptibility Transition Prediction based on PC Operation

Hokuto IGA,  Takahiro TANAKA,  Kazuaki AOKI,  Kinya FUJITA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-13,HIP2014-13
How leadership is emerging in the viewpoint of idiosyncrasy credit?

Takeshi Sato,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-14,HIP2014-14
The event-related potential (ERP) component (P300) reflects enthusiasm for playing the video game: The existence of an opponent increases immersion

Kenta KUBO,  Nobuyuki KAWAI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-15,HIP2014-15
Relationship between display resolution and physiological and psychological state during contents viewing


[Paper #]HCS2014-16,HIP2014-16
Content evaluation of exciting feeling by the proposed indexes using biosignals

Yoshihiro HARADA,  Takahiro FURUYA,  Nobumichi TAKAHASHI,  Koyo HASEGAWA,  Tomoaki NAKAZATO,  Michiko OHKURA,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-17,HIP2014-17
Systematic Study on Kawaii Products (The Sixteenth Report) : Evaluation of kawaii products by heart rate using AR

Michiko OHKURA,  Yosuke YAMASAKI,  

[Paper #]HCS2014-18,HIP2014-18
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