Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Smart Info-Media Systems(Date:2014/02/27)



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[Paper #]
Visualization of indoor situation based pedestrian detection from footsteps

Takuya Kuno,  Rei Hamakawa,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-55
A Study on Footstep Based Personal Identification Using HMM

Hiroki TANAKA,  Akitoshi ITAI,  Hiroshi YASUKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-56
About the Speech Recognition of Acoustically Similar Words under the Noise Environment

Yoshiyuki MIYAZAKI,  Yasuhito ARAKANE,  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-57
Hardware Implementation of Soft Cascaded SVM Classifier

Kazutaka TAKEUCHI,  Jaehoon YU,  Ryusuke MIYAMOTO,  Takao ONOYE,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-58
Particle Filter based on Observation Model with Adaptive Local Features and its Application to Human Tracking

Sangeun LEE,  Keiichi HORIO,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-59
Object Tracking in Crowded Scenes by Dependent Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model

Katsuya KONDO,  Takuya OKAMOTO,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-60
Extraction of Scene Situation from Orientation of Multiple Mobile Terminals in Shooting with Overlaps of Their Views

Takayoshi MORIOKA,  Shogo TOKAI,  Hiroyuki HASE,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-61
A novel color image processing scheme in HSI color space with combination of positive/negative inversion processing

Dong-Ying LI,  Akira TAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-62
A saturation adjustment method while preserving hue of color image in RGB color space

Tadahiro AZETSU,  Chiaki UEDA,  Noriaki SUETAKE,  Eiji UCHINO,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-63
Resolution Enhancement of Satellite Image with Preservation of Spectral Information

Hidenobu HASHIKAMI,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-64
Application of Illusion based Interface

Hideyuki ANDO,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-65
System-on-a-Chip Implementation Technology for Image Media Processing

Takao ONOYE,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-66
Block Matching Algorithm Weighting Eye Area for Face Recognition Across Age Progression

Taro OKAKURA,  Daiki TAKEDA,  Kaoru ARAKAWA,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-67
Rotation-robust Feature Extraction for Image Recognition

Yuya IWASAKI,  JAEHOON yu,  Ryusuke MIYAMOTO,  Takao ONOYE,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-68
Design of Ll filters based on local shape clustering of images

Masanori SAITO,  Mitsuhiko MEGURO,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-69
Optimal Light Source Spectrum Search for Dichromats Using Genetic Algorithm


[Paper #]SIS2013-70
Analysis of Heterogeneous Agent's Behavior in Multiagent Systems focusing on Fractality Analysis and Chaotic Synchronization

Shozo TOKINAGA,  Yoshikazu IKEDA,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-71
A Consideration on an Optimization of Nurse Schedule by Cooperative GA Using Penalty Adjustment

Atsuya MORIYAMA,  Yoshinori TAKEHANA,  Makoto OHKI,  

[Paper #]SIS2013-72
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