Electronics-Electromagnetic Theory(Date:2018/05/25)

Numerical Examination on Specific Absorption Rate in Multi-Layer Human Head at Different Polarization Using FDTD Method

Zin Mar Lwin(Univ. of Miyazaki),  Mitsuhiro Yokota(Univ. of Miyazaki),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-5
Numerical Examination on Electromagnetic Wave in Multilayered Structure as Human Head Model

Thiri Su(Univ. of Miyazaki),  Mitsuhiro Yokota(Univ. of Miyazaki),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-6
Noncontact heart rate measurement using millimeter-wave adaptive array radar

Kentaro Konishi(Univ. of Hyogo),  Takuya Sakamoto(Univ. of Hyogo),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-3
Analysis of Singular-point Generating Mechanisms Based on the Correlations among the Parameters in Coherency Matrix and Those in the Optimized Scattering-mechanism Vector in PolInSAR

Yuta Otsuka(The Univ. of Tokyo),  Tomohiro Shimada(The Univ. of Tokyo),  Ryo Natsuaki(The Univ. of Tokyo),  Akira Hirose(The Univ. of Tokyo),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-4
A Study on Coordinate Transformation Method for Electromagnetic Scattering from Surface-Relief Grating

Koki Watanabe(Fukuoka Inst. Technol.),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-1
Radiation from a Flanged Rectangular Waveguide

Hirohide Serizawa(NIT, Numazu College),  

[Paper #]EMT2018-2