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About EST

The Purpose of Establishing the Committee

 This research committee is founded on the Third Class Technical Committee on Microwave Simulators, which lasted for three sessions, and the Second Class Technical Committee on Microwave Simulators, which lasted for five sessions. The former third class committee advanced activities mainly related to microwave simulator development, and raised awareness among the members of this organization regarding the necessity of microwave simulators and their related issues by holding subcommittee meetings and open workshops. After transitioning to the second class committee, the range of activities expanded includes:

  1. Constructing a shared platform for microwave simulator development (including an API (application programming interface) and a plugin framework)
  2. Indicating standard issues for comparative inspections of each type of microwave simulator
  3. Providing educational materials for microwave simulator technicians (Eikichi Yamashita ed., Foundations for Making Microwave Simulators (published by IEICE))
  4. Discussing the possibility of utilizing the simulators in microwave education
  5. Information campaigns related to the above (research groups, workshops, lectures, general committee symposiums, homepage construction, etc.)

Along with continuing these various activities, we continued to provide members with periodic opportunities to learn about and discuss issues related to the microwave simulators.

 However, roughly 15 years have passed since the establishment of this organization. In that time, the environment surrounding the microwave simulators has markedly changed, particularly with the rapid spread of commercial simulators in industry, government and academia, and the spread of the microwave technology into a variety of adjacent fields. Regarding the former, we should note that commercial simulator performance continues to advance while their prices continue to fall, and there is an increasing need to disseminate information not only to simulator makers, but also to simulator users. Regarding the latter, we should note the rapid increase in demand for microwave technology and simulator technology in fields such as EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), digital signal transmission, wireless power transmission, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), and microwave chemistry.

 In order to respond to the increase and diversification in demand for the microwave simulators, this committee must continue to expand activities based on the position as a first class research committee, increases the visibility, and contributes to the vitalization of this field. Specifically,

  1. Continue to expand the existing activities listed above.
  2. Provide a specialized space for exchanging opinions on simulation techniques and simulator software composition.
  3. Provide a space for exchanging opinions related to simulation technology that combines microwaves with adjacent technological fields (communication systems, digital signal transmission, multi-physics with machines/chemistry/heat, etc.).
  4. Activities directed to developing an educational microwave simulator custom to the committee

In this fashion, we will play a role as a “mediator” for exchange and fusion between different fields through expanding activities specialized for the simulation technology related to existing first class researches (microwaves, electromagnetic field theory, electronic devices, antennas/propagation, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.) in addition to our current microwave simulation activities.

Fields of Research

 Simulation technology and techniques related to general electronic engineering (electromagnetic waves, circuits, semiconductors, systems, etc.), simulation acceleration technology, comparative inspections of existing simulators (indicating standard issues, etc.), combined simulation technology (multi-physics simulations with electromagnetic waves and machines/chemistry/heat), shared platform simulator technology, constructing electromagnetic field analysis simulators for technology education

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Photo    I am Jun Shibayama from Hosei University, taking over as chairman as of June 2021. Thank you very much for your continued cooperation and support of the Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology's various activities. I would like to make a brief statement on behalf of the committee regarding the current state of EST research activities, as well as future prospects.

   EST Technical Committee has reached its eleventh year since establishment. As the parent organization was the Technical Committee on Microwave Simulator, we were, initially, mainly discussing electromagnetic waves, and most presentations concerned individual element technology. However, computer performance has improved significantly, and we have begun actively discussing large-scale simulations that take into account multiple physical phenomena as well as whole-system simulations. EST Technical Committee also covers topics related to artificial intelligence (AI). In the 2021 General Conference, a conference committee project on AI technology was held, which discussed not only individual technology but also very specific mechanisms of social implementation. In this way, we have been having wide-ranging discussions at EST Technical Committee, from topics concerning orthodox element technology to its role in a large-scale societal system.

   In addition, we held an online 10th-anniversary celebration for EST Technical Committee in May of 2021. We learned a lot from everyone who was involved in the establishment of EST Technical Committee, and one of them suggested that recent EST research activities are a little inward. We have gradually expanded our research fields, but we have indeed been keeping our presentation groups fixed (which is not necessarily bad), and our activities have become more rigid (partially influenced by the coronavirus pandemic). As a result, we would like to extend an invitation to those who have not previously presented at EST-related conferences, or those who have been active in other academic societies, to participate in a symposium titled "Latest Trends in Power Electronics Simulation Technology and Applications” at the 2022 IEICE General Conference. We also welcome lectures from members of the general public. In addition, we would like to implement training sessions that we initially were hosting every year at the beginning stages of EST Technical Committee. Specifically, we would like to plan for training sessions that are beneficial to students and young engineers.

   At EST Technical Committee, we cover a wide range of topics on simulation technology using computers. There are numerous opportunities for presentations, including the IEICE General Conference, academic societies, research seminars, and English/Japanese paper features. We look forward to new participation from all of you out there. Of course, we highly welcome the participation of students as well.

Chair Jun Shibayama, Hosei University


Inauguration of the Third Class Technical Committee on Microwave Simulators
Transition to the Second Class Technical Committee on Microwave Simulators
May 2011
Transition to the First Class Technical Committee on Electronic Simulation

Committee Members

As of May 19, 2022

Post Name Affiliation
Chair Jun Shibayama Hosei University
Vice-Chair Masayuki Kimishima Advantest Laboratories Ltd.
Vice-Chair Yasuhide Tsuji Muroran Institute of Technology
Vice-Chair Yasuo Otera Toyama Prefectural University
Secretary Takuya Sakamoto Kyoto University
Secretary Yoshiaki Ando The University of Electro- Communications
Assistant Secretary Seiya Kishimoto Nihon University
Assistant Secretary Akito Iguchi Muroran Institute of Technology
Member Masashi Eguchi Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
Member* Shinichiro Onuki Nihon University
Member Hiroshi Okabe Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Member* Tatsuya Kashiwa Kitami Institute of Technology
Member Yoshiki Kayano University of Electro-Communications
Member* Hideaki Kimura Chubu University
Member Naoya Kukutsu Airec Engineering Corporation
Member Yusuke Kusama Toyo University
Member Atsushi Kezuka National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology
Member Keiji Sakaki Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.
Member Hidehisa Shiomi Osaka University
Member* Tsugumichi Shibata Tokyo City University
Member Ryosuke Suga Aoyama Gakuin University
Member Yukihisa Suzuki Tokyo Metropolitan University
Member Jun Sonoda Sendai National College of Technology
Member Amane Takei Miyazaki University
Member Kenji Taguchi Kitami Institute of Technology
Member Jerdvisanop Chakarothai National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Member Chen ChunPing Kanagawa University
Member Tsuyoshi Nomura Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Member Takashi Hikage Hokkaido University
Member* Akimasa Hirata Nagoya Institute of Technology
Member Takuichi Hirano Tokyo City University
Member Hiroki Fujishiro Tokyo University of Science
Member Kazuhiro Fujita Saitama Institute of Technology
Member Zhewang Ma Saitama University
Adviser Tetsuo Anada Kanagawa University
Adviser Kiyomichi Araki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Adviser Yoji Isota Akita Prefectural University
Adviser Shigeo Kawasaki Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Adviser Zuiho Kyo Kanagawa University
Adviser Yoshio Kobayashi SUMTEC
Adviser Mitsuo Taguchi Nagasaki University
Adviser Osamu Hashimoto Aoyama Gakuin University
Adviser Nagayoshi Morita Chiba Institute of Technology

*: Advisory staff


Post Name Remarks
Chair Jun Shibayama
Vice-Chair Masayuki Kimishima MWE
Vice-Chair Yasuhide Tsuji International
Vice-Chair Yasuo Otera Awards
Secretary Takuya Sakamoto Seniority
Secretary Yoshiaki Ando Successor, Treasurer
Assistant Secretary Seiya Kishimoto Meeting
Assistant Secretary Akito Iguchi Web

Web Administorators

Post Name
Web Master Akito Iguchi
Web Master Takuichi Hirano


Post Name
Chair Hideaki Kimura
Secretary Ryosuke Suga
Exhibition Keiji Sakaki
Member Jun Shibayama


Post Name
Chair Shinichiro Onuki
Vice-Chair Jun Shibayama
Secretary Atsushi Kezuka
Member Ryosuke Suga
Member Hidehisa Shiomi
Member Yasuo Otera
Member Tsugumichi Shibata
Member Takuichi Hirano
Member Yoshiaki Ando
Member Kazuhiro Fujita
Member Kenji Taguchi
Member Yusuke Kusama


Post Name
Chair(Awards) Vice-Chair of EST committee (Awards)
Chair(International) Vice-Chair of EST committee (International)
Secretary Secretary of EST committee (Seniority)
Secretary Secretary of EST committee (Successor)
Member Zhewang Ma
Member Jerdvisanop Chakarothai
Member Assgned in each issue


Post Name
Chair Chair of EST committee
Vice-Chair Vice-Chair of EST committee (Award)
Secretary Hidehisa Shiomi
Secretary Takashi Hikage
Member Secretary of EST committee (Seniority)
Member Chen ChunPing


Post Name
Chair Secretary of EST committee (Seniority)
Secretary Assistant Secretary of EST committee (Meeting)
Secretary Ryosuke Suga
Member(Hokkaido) Yasuhide Tsuji
Member(Hokkaido) Takashi Hikage
Member(Tohoku) Yoshiki Kayano
Member(Tohoku) Jun Sonoda
Member(Tokai) Tsuyoshi Nomura
Member(Kyusyu) Amane Takei
Member(Monthly) Each meeting assigned in the beginning of FY(see Meeting Document)


Post Name
Chair Masayuki Kimishima
Secretary Keiji Sakaki
Member Takuichi Hirano
Member Hiroshi Okabe

Advisor and Advisory Staff (Member)

Post Name
Adviser Tetsuo Anada
Adviser Kiyomichi Araki
Adviser Yoji Isoda
Adviser Shigeo Kawasaki
Adviser Zuiho Kyo
Adviser Yoshio Kobayashi
Adviser Osamu Hashimoto
Adviser Nagayoshi Morita
Advisory Staff (Member) Tsugumichi Shibata
Advisory Staff (Member) Tatsuya Kashiwa
Advisory Staff (Member) Hideaki Kimura
Advisory Staff (Member) Akimasa Hirata
Advisory Staff (Member) Shinichiro Onuki

Past Members