The Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology, Electronics Society, IEICE

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About lectures

Tutorial lectures for simulation methods are given by outstanding researchers.


5th Lecture FDTD Electromagnetic Field Analysis by GPU Computing (Kan Okubo, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.) December 22, 2016
4th Lecture Introduction to Electromagnetic Analysis by Fast Multipole Method (Shinichiro Ohnuki, Nihon Univ.) November 28, 2014 finished
3rd Lecture Foundation and Applications of Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis by the Method of Moments (Qiang Chen, Tohoku Univ.) Jyly 5, 2013 finished
2nd Lecture Introduction to Optical Waveguide Analysis by Differential Method -Beam Propagation Method and FDTD Method- (Jun Shibayama, Hosei Univ.) July 3, 2012 finished
1st Lecture Introduction to Development of Simulators using Framework PyLAF -Simulator Factory- (Hidehisa Shiomi, Osaka Univ.) June 3, 2011 finished

Lectures in the Second Class Technical Committee on Microwave Simulators (MST)

2nd Lecture Toru Uno, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology Foundation and Applications of FDTD Method November 18, 2010 finished
1st Lecture Osamu Hashimoto (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) Analysis Methods for Electromagnetics -Understand Principles of Analysis- May 21, 2010 finished