The 20th Asia-Pacific
Network Operations and Management Symposium
September 18-20, 2019
Matsue, Japan
- Management in a Cyber-Physical World -

Welcome Message

The 20th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

- Management in a Cyber-Physical World -

APNOMS (Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium) has been a premier conference on network operations and management in the Asia Pacific region. APNOMS 2019 is sponsored by IEICE Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management (ICM) and the KICS Technical Committee on Korean Network Operations and Management (KNOM). APNOMS meets almost every year, typically during September and boasts a rich history of success. It includes a full three-day program of keynotes, tutorials, technical sessions, panel discussions, poster sessions, and exhibits that focus on managing networks that span the computing and telecommunications areas including IoT, Cloud and Big data issues.

APNOMS 2019 marks the 20th anniversary, following the successful APNOMS'97 (Seoul), APNOMS'98 (Sendai), APNOMS'99 (Kyongju), APNOMS 2000 (Nara), APNOMS 2001 (Sydney), APNOMS 2002 (Jeju), APNOMS 2003 (Fukuoka), APNOMS 2005 (Okinawa), APNOMS 2006 (Busan), APNOMS 2007 (Sapporo), APNOMS 2008 (Beijing), APNOMS 2009 (Jeju), APNOMS 2011 (Taipei), APNOMS 2012 (Seoul), APNOMS 2013 (Hiroshima), APNOMS 2014 (Hsinchu), APNOMS 2015 (Busan), APNOMS2016 (Kanazawa), APNOMS2017 (Seoul).

We are cordially inviting you to submit papers for technical session, poster session, innovation session. Also, we invite you to submit tutorial proposal on recently advanced topics. We are looking forward to seeing you in Matsue, Japan.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the authors, reviewers, committee members, volunteers, and participants, who make a great effort to the success of APNOMS 2019.

APNOMS 2019 General Chair

Kiyohito Yoshihara
KDDI Research, Japan

Vice Co-Chairs

Hongtaek Ju
Keimyung University, Korea

Yen-Wen Chen
National Central University, Taiwan