The 20th Asia-Pacific
Network Operations and Management Symposium
September 18-20, 2019
Matsue, Japan
- Management in a Cyber-Physical World -


E1. Chunghwa Telecom: Intelligent IPTV End-to-end Service Diagnosis based on AI
Booth number: 1
Chunghwa Telecom leverages AI capabilities for preemptive issue identification and resolution of IPTV service problem to improving the quality and the speed of operations.
An IPTV service is typically composed of a number of network components from customer premise equipment (CPE) to service platform. It's difficult to identify the root cause of the service problem when customer make a complaint.
We apply AI/deep learning method to pinpoint the cause of the trouble when trouble tickets are created and use ensemble learning method to deal with heterogeneous training data. Tickets no longer need to wait hours, or even days, just to be assigned to the right expert or team, thereby shortening time for issue resolution. Visit Chunghwa Telecom booth for more information and interaction.

E2. J's Communication Co., Ltd.: Security Service products for network operators
Booth number: 2
J's Communication is a company that provides secure and comfortable security & network solutions. We display the following three products.
SCVX: Provide secure Internet access using container technology.
StellarCyber Starlight: Detects cyber breaches across your entire network, regardless of scale or complexity.
Skybox Security: One platform to solve many challenges-vulnerabilities, threats, firewalls and compliance.

E3. NTT Advanced Technology Corporation: NetworkBrain
Booth number: 3
NetworkBrain integrates with existing IT workflows such as network troubleshooting, design engineering, cyber-defense, and application performance management, to provide valuable insights, minimizing the time engineers spend in the command-line interface, or analyzing data across disparate tools.
NetworkBrain employs a Dynamic Map as the single pane of glass for data visualization and Executable and Executable Runbook technology to automate the process of data analysis.

E4. BOSCO Technologies Inc.: Connection Integration System for ICT Infrastructure Management
Booth number: 4
Because of SDN/NFV, ICT infrastructures are becoming large and complicated. The unified, simplified and flexible ICT infrastructure management that does not depend on environment is required to manage such an ICT infrastructure. To implement such a management system, we focused on the traceability, client-less operation, and zero-touch operation.
BOSCO Technologies provides a SMART-GW, the brand-new web-based unified and simplified ICT infrastructure management system. Operators can login to SMART-GW via web browsers and establish a connection such as SSH, http, RDP, and so on to manage the ICT infrastructures. All the connection behaviors are logged and traceable with user-friendly dashboards. Please visit our booth for more information and demonstrations.

E5. NTT: Real-time Network Traffic Monitoring System for Virtual Network
Booth number: 5
It is necessary to monitor virtual network traffic to manage and operate various service in a data center that applies network virtualization technology such as SDN and NFV. In addition, it is desirable to monitor the traffic from the outside of a server so as not to degrade the performance of it.
NTT presents a real-time network traffic monitoring system for a virtualized environment, which can be located outside of a server. By using a NTT's high-speed and flexible flow identification technology, the system can visualize the amount of network traffic for each Virtual Machine (VM). The system also provides a function to detect micro-burst traffic which is difficult to detect by using software. Please visit our booth for more information and demonstrations.

E6. VMware K. K.: Networking and Management solutions for Virtualized/Containerized Platform
Booth number: 6
VMware has been providing solutions for computing platforms long years. In this booth we exhibit NSX, vRNI and other emerging solutions for various datacenter environment (vSphere, OpenStack, Kubernetes etc).