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  • The Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) will be held on September 27-29 2017, in Seoul, Korea.

About the Committee

Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management (ICM), which was originally Technical Committee on Telecommunication Management (TM), was founded in April 1998 as a part of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE).

Its scope is as follows:

Research Fields Topics
Element and Network Management Mobile and wireless networks, IP networks, Overlay networks, Access networks, Terminal management, Sensor and ad-hoc networks, Home networks, Ubiquitous networks
Service and Business Management Multimedia service management, Data service management, Hosting and collocation, Social network services, Grid and croud services, Virtualization, Business models, Law and ethics
Management Functionalities FCAPS, SLA, Event management, Policy based management, Autonomous management, Agent based management, Management architecture, Human interfaces
Operations and Management Technologies Management models, Management protocols, Monitoring and measurements, Traffic engineering, QoS, Quality evaluations, NMS basis, Complex systems, P2P
Theories and Methodologies Control theory, Optimazation theory, Economic theory, Simulation techniques, Data mining, Positivistic methodolgy, Development methodology, Ontology and semantic modeling


Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management holds IEICE ICM Conferences / Workshops which are domestic technical meetings. ICM meetings are held every two months and there are more than 15 technical paper presentations and tutorials in each meeting. The annual schedule of ICM meetings is here. Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management is one of the sponsors of Asia-Pacific Network Operation and Management Symposium (APNOMS) that is held every year.