International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications


Session Number:P1



A Scheme of Extracting Network Configuration Template Blocks Based on Tucker Decomposition

Daisuke Hanamitsu,  Kimihiro Mizutani,  Satoru Kobayashi,  Kensuke Fukuda,  Osamu Akashi ,  


Publication Date:2021/12/1

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Recently, the size of communication network is growing significantly because of promoting the use of smart devices(e.g., smart phone). Configuring such large scale communication network, an operator needs to input huge amount of network commands. Using a configuration template block of a setting scenario(e.g., set up VLAN configuration) makes the network operator easier to reflect the network settings, however, it takes much time to make the template blocks(i.e., a contextual group of commands) manually for more complicated and expanded networks. To address the problem, we propose an autonomic template block extraction scheme by using Tucker decomposition. Our proposal can extract the configuration template blocks from a large number of configuration automatically.