International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation


Session Number:S1.1



Design and Analysis of 3D Posts Based Antenna

Putluru Sravani,  Gaurangi Gupta,  A. R. Harish,  Madhav Rao,  


Publication Date:2015/11/9

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Three dimensional (3D) antenna refers to an assembly of radiating element on one layer and feed line on another layer and was introduced to minimize the antenna design space. This configuration allows room to integrate more devices and thereby enhances the chip functionalities for an system on chip (SoC) radio frequency (RF) applications. The designed 3D antenna element is composed of vertical metal supports or posts and combination of copper pads connecting multiple supporters. The 3D posts based antenna was designed for 24 GHz ISM band applications and its performance was computed by changing the number of posts. The antenna performance was improved by the inclusion of novel 3D posts and the footprint of overall antenna design was reduced to 2.75 mm × 2.75 mm. To verify the architecture, a similar posts based antenna was fabricated for 2.5 GHz frequency and antenna performance was measured. Experimentally measured antenna parameters and simulated results were found to be in agreement.