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Session Number:SESSION6



Analysis of coupled dictionary learning for super-resolving video of mixed resolution

Aleksandar Latic,  Adrian Munteanu,  Aleksandra Pizurica,  


Publication Date:2015-08-31

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In this paper, we analyse the performance of coupled dictionary learning for video super-resolution. We make anextension of 2D coupled dictionary learning to a 3D scheme, where 3D atoms model temporal evolution of spatially collocated patches and require no explicit motion estimation. Our analysis shows the influence of different design parameters, such as the effect of a periodic dictionary re-training within a mixed resolution framework, dictionary size and the sparsity of reconstruction, as well as the choice between uni-directional and bi-directional reconstruction strategies. We believe that these results will be helpful in understanding better the potentials and current limitations of coupled dictionary learning in video super-resolution.