International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications


Session Number:A4



Design of Dual-Beam Switchable Self-Oscillating Active Array Antenna Integrating Positive Feedback Type Push-Push Oscillator and PSK Modulator

Maodudul HASAN,  Eisuke NISHIYAMA,  Takayuki TANAKA,  Ichihiko TOYODA,  


Publication Date:2020/12/2

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In this paper, a novel concept of a dual-beam switchable self-oscillating active integrated array antenna (AIAA) is presented. The antenna has a very simple structure integrating four antenna elements, a PSK modulator and a Push-Push oscillator. With the aid of in/anti-phase signal combination of the antenna elements, the proposed antenna can generate dual beams, sum, and difference radiation patterns, in the phi = 0-deg. plane. To achieve the required phase and switching between the dual radiation patterns, a binary PSK modulator is used. Moreover, a positive feedback type Push-Push oscillator is adopted to achieve self-oscillating capability. Simulated results show an excellent output power of +14.47 dBm at second harmonic frequency of 8.03 GHz. The concept is validated in the simulation and found to be feasible.