International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility


Session Number:24S3



Consideration of Protection Angle Method and Lightning Protection Rules for Sides of High-Rise Buildings in IEC 62305 Standard

Y. Kishimoto,  


Publication Date:2009/7/20

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The protection angle method and protection rules for lightning flashes to the sides of high-rise buildings, namely, the protection of the topmost 20% of the height of a building and all the parts above 120 m, which are described in the IEC 62305 standard, were taken into consideration for this study. For the protection angle method, the penetration depth of a rolling sphere into the corn of the protection angle is estimated based on the suspected equation for the protection angle. The frequency of lightning flashes to high-rise buildings is estimated by adopting the“Probability Modulated Collection Volume" (PMCV) method, which indicated a non-negligible quantity of the lightning flash frequency to the unprotected sides.