International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications


Session Number:A3L-C



Suppression of Nonlinear Traffic Pattern Generation using Dynamic Bandwidth Management Method

Shigeaki Tanimoto,  Yohsuke Kinouchi,  


Publication Date:2010/9/5

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Generally, the elements in a network must be duplicated for securing reliability. However, in a private network, such as in a company, a partially duplicated method, which carries out dual-homing of the terminal to a node, is used in addition to considering reliability. The reason is that cost is important when considering the design of private network. With this method, if a certain node breaks down, the terminal will be switched to another node. In a dual-homing node, twice the amount of traffic will be quickly generated. In other words, a nonlinear traffic pattern is generated. Although current methods, such as a redundant bandwidth management method and a congestion-control method, are used to suppress nonlinear traffic pattern generation, they have advantages and disadvantages in bandwidth utilization ratio or service convenience. We propose a new dynamic bandwidth management method, which combines high bandwidth utilization ratio and good service convenience. Specifically, our method uses the distributed management method, which divides the bandwidth of the entire network into two, for actual communication, and for spare communication, and the traffic-predicting management method, which is used to observe communication in real time in each node and to adjust the bandwidth of each node just enough for reserved bandwidth. We evaluated our method’s effectiveness using a traffic simulation.