Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Safety(Date:2015/08/28)

A study to change the image of texting while walking

Taiyo Utsuhara(UEC),  Akiko Murakoshi(RTRI),  Yasunori Okada(RTRI),  Yumeko Miyachi(RTRI),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-10
Preventive Measures focused on the Top Event Mode and their Applications

Yoshiharu Fujimaru(UEC),  Shinji Yokogawa(Polytechnic University),  Kazuyuki Suzuki(UEC),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-12
[Invited Talk] Support for reflection on team behaviors for team training

Kohei Nonose(CRIEPI),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-9
Clarifying the Function of Facilitator in Risk Communication by Constructing the Cognitive Model

Isshin Takenaka(The University of Tokyo),  Taro Kanno(The University of Tokyo),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-11
[Invited Talk] Safety-II in Air Traffic Control

Daisuke Karikawa(ENRI),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-7
[Invited Talk] The role of driver in automated driving vehicle and the related international guidelines for advanced driver assistance sytems

Michiaki Sekine(NTSEL),  Kaneo Hiramatsu(NTSEL),  

[Paper #]SSS2015-8