Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Nonlinear Problems(Date:2012/03/20)



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A design of two-degree-of-freedom control system for suppressing traveling waves in a piecewise-linear FHN model

Masashi TAKEUCHI,  Keiji KONISHI,  Naoyuki HARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-141
Experimental Verification of the output bit-sequences from the A/D Converters based on the Scale-Adjusted β-Map

Mitsuhiro NAKAMURA,  Yoshihiko HORIO,  Tohru KOHDA,  Kazuyuki AIHARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-142
Fully-Differential Switched-Capacitor Circuit Implementation of Golden-Ratio-Encoder

Hirotaka FUKUSHIMA,  Yosihiko HORIO,  Kazuyuki AIHARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-143
Possibility for the existence of 3-torus Arnold tongue

Daisuke IWASAKI,  Munehisa SEKIKAWA,  Naohiko INABA,  Tetsuro ENDO,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-14
Analysis of Steady-State Periodic Solution in Nonlinear Circuits using Haar Wavelet Transform

Seiichiro MORO,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-145
Electronic Circuit Representing Large-Scale Augmented Lorenz Oscillator and Its Dynamical Properties

Koki YOSHIMOTO,  Mitsuhiro AONO,  Takaya MIYANO,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-146
An Analysis on Ideal Searching Dynamics Realized by Lebesgue Spectrum Filter Using Associative Memory Neural Networks

Kenji FUSHIKI,  Tomohiro KATO,  Mikio HASEGAWA,  Kazuyuki AIHARA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-147
Designing method of Energy Functions for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems by the Network with Higher-order Connections

Takahiro SOTA,  Yoshihiro HAYAKAWA,  Shigeo SATO,  Koji NAKAJIMA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-148
Study of the Relationship between the Network Structure of PSO and the Search Ability

Kenya JIN'NO,  Takahiro TSUJIMOTO,  Takuya SHINDO,  Ryosuke SANO,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-149
Solving Multi-objective Optimization Problems Using Particle Swarm Optimization Methods with Switching by Chaotic Neurodynamics

Toshihiro TACHIBANA,  Masaharu ADACHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-150
Content Based Image Retrieval using Pules Coupled Neural Netowrks

Masato YONEKAWA,  Hiroaki KUROKAWA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-151
Evaluation of the gene regulatory network inference method by the neural network using DNA microarray data

Yasuki HIRAI,  Naoyuki KIZAKI,  Soichiro IKUNO,  Hiroaki KUROKAWA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-152
Nonlinear-Predictor-Based Continuation Power Flow Calculation in Electric Power Networks

Hiroyuki MORI,  Yasuhiko OHNUKI,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-153
Partial Synchronization and Network Topology for Delay-coupled Lur'e Systems

Toshihiro MIMURA,  Toshiki OGUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-154
Network Structure Design for Synchronization of Nonlinear Systems with Time-delay Couplings

Momoko NAKAMURA,  Toshiki OGUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-155
Faithful rounding of l_2 norm of n-dimensional vectors

Shin'ichi OISHI,  Stef GRAILLAT,  Christoph LAUTER,  Naoya YAMANAKA,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-156
Projection-operator method applied to large deviation statistics : dedicated to the late Professor Hazime Mori

Syuji MIYAZAKI,  Katsuhito MATSUI,  

[Paper #]NLP2011-157
The sonic/auditory approach for chaos (1)


[Paper #]NLP2011-158
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