Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2011/02/24)



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[Paper #]
Efficient Searchable Encryption Schemes Against Frequency Analysis

Takashi ITO,  Mitsuhiro HATTORI,  Nori MATSUDA,  Yusuke SAKAI,  Kazuo OTA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-68,ISEC2010-72,WBS2010-47
Homomorphic Encryption Based Countermeasure against Active Attacks in Privacy-Preserving Biometric Authentication

Takato HIRANO,  Takumi MORI,  Mitsuhiro HATTORI,  Takashi ITO,  Nori MATSUDA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-69,ISEC2010-73,WBS2010-48
Attribute-Based Encryption with Traceability and Revocability

Yuichi SATOH,  Daisuke MORIYAMA,  Hiroshi DOI,  Jinhui CHAO,  

[Paper #]IT2010-70,ISEC2010-74,WBS2010-49
A Study on Forward Secure Leakage Resilient Signature Schemes

Kentaro MOTO,  Daisuke MORIYAMA,  Hiroshi DOI,  

[Paper #]IT2010-71,ISEC2010-75,WBS2010-50
Information Security Schemes in Wireless Communication Based on Radio Propagation

Hideichi SASAOKA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-72,ISEC2010-76,WBS2010-51
Code/Error-Trellis Construction for Convolutional Codes Using Shifted Code/Error-Subsequences

Masato TAJIMA,  Koji OKINO,  Takashi MIYAGOSHI,  

[Paper #]IT2010-73,ISEC2010-77,WBS2010-52
Linear Cryptanalysis : History and Open Problems

Mitsuru Matsui,  

[Paper #]IT2010-74,ISEC2010-78,WBS2010-53
Clone-Resistant Modules, Physical Unclonable Functions, and Artifact-metrics

Tsutomu MATSUMOTO,  

[Paper #]IT2010-75,ISEC2010-79,WBS2010-54
RFID Identification Protocol with Reduced Reader Computational Cost

Takaaki MIYOSHI,  Tetsu IWATA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-76,ISEC2010-80,WBS2010-55
Improved State Recovery Algorithm of RC4 PRGA by Using Differences between Two Internal States

Kazuho KAKIWAKI,  Atsuko MIYAJI,  

[Paper #]IT2010-77,ISEC2010-81,WBS2010-56
A Note on the Partition by Defining Set and the Weight Distributions for Cyclic Codes

Takayasu KAIDA,  Junru ZHENG,  

[Paper #]IT2010-78,ISEC2010-82,WBS2010-57
Constructing Algorithms of Large-Girth LDPC Codes Based on the Shortest Paths in Tanner Graphs


[Paper #]IT2010-79,ISEC2010-83,WBS2010-58
Performance Analysis of Variable-Length Interleaver for Turbo Codes Based on Pruning


[Paper #]IT2010-80,ISEC2010-84,WBS2010-59
Algorithm for Minimizing Distortion in Delay-Sensitive Transmission on Closed-Loop System

Yuto IWAI,  Mikihiko NISHIARA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-81,ISEC2010-85,WBS2010-60
Han-Kobayashi Rate Region for Gray-Wyner Source Coding System

Shigeaki KUZUOKA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-82,ISEC2010-86,WBS2010-61
The Width of Information-Spectrum and the Worst-Case Redundancy of Fixed-Length Coding

Hiroki KOGA,  Mitsuharu ARIMURA,  Ken-ichi IWATA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-83,ISEC2010-87,WBS2010-62
A Dynamic Programming of Joint Source-Channel Coding for Discrete Memoryless Sources and (d,k)-constrained Channels using Monge Property

Takuya KOYAMA,  Ken-ichi IWATA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-84,ISEC2010-88,WBS2010-63
A Study on Blind Estimation of Sparse OFDM Channel Based on Nonzero Tap Detection

Takahiro UENO,  Teruyuki MIYAJIMA,  

[Paper #]IT2010-85,ISEC2010-89,WBS2010-64
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