Communication-Ubiquitous and Sensor Networks(Date:2012/10/10)



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[Paper #]
Study of Designing Path Metrics for Wireless and Wired Networks

Zuan Chen,  Yasuo TAN,  Azman Osman LIM,  

[Paper #]USN2012-28
A Fundamental Study of Prolonging the Network Lifetime with Route Switching in Energy Constrained Mesh Networks

Rui TENG,  Huan-Bang LI,  Ryu MIURA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-132,SR2012-52,AN2012-26,USN2012-29
Experiments and Analysis of the Multi-hop Data Deliver Performance in Real Road Environment by Using IEEE 802.11 WLAN : Focusing on the Packet Forwarding of EVANET

Jing GAO,  Kenichi MASE,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-133,SR2012-53,AN2012-27,USN2012-30
Practice of Wireless Backhaul for Small Cell

Hiroshi FURUKAWA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-134,SR2012-54,AN2012-28,USN2012-31
A Proposal of a Disaster Area Monitoring System Using Electric Vehicles in Cooperation with Electric Helicopters

Takuya SAITO,  Hiroaki MACHINAKA,  Kenichi MASE,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-135,SR2012-55,AN2012-29,USN2012-32
Throughput performance evaluation of interference-aware allocation and equalization scheme in satellite/terrestrial integrated mobile communication system

Akihisa TANAKA,  Eiji OKAMOTO,  Hiroyuki TSUJI,  Yoshiyuki FUJINO,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-136,SR2012-56,AN2012-30,USN2012-33
Channel Capacity of Distributed MIMO Systems under the Effect of Spatially Correlated Shadowing

Ou ZHAO,  Hidekazu MURATA,  Susumu YOSHIDA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-137,SR2012-57,AN2012-31,USN2012-34
Performance Evaluation of Interference Rejection Combining Receiver in LTE-Advanced Uplink CoMP

Takashi IWAI,  Kazuki TAKEDA,  Akihiko NISHIO,  Atsushi MATSUMOTO,  Sadaki FUTAGI,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-138,SR2012-58,AN2012-32,USN2012-35
Feasibility study and proof test on smart meter network employing IEEE802.15.4g/4e compliant SUN radio devices

Fumihide KOJIMA,  Hiroshi HARADA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-139,SR2012-59,AN2012-33,USN2012-36
Technical report of sensor network system using Internet Protocol

Hiroki SATOH,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-140,SR2012-60,AN2012-34,USN2012-37
A Study on Full-Duplex Multi-Relay Multiuser MIMO System Based on Zero-Forcing

Tetsuki TANIGUCHI,  Yoshio KARASAWA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-141,SR2012-61,AN2012-35,USN2012-38
Conceptual proposal of autonomously distributed wireless system based on dynamic multi-layer control for fair satisfaction of QoE

Masahiro UNO,  Kazuto YANO,  Tomohiro MIYASAKA,  Koji OSHIMA,  Takeshi YAMAMOTO,  Yoshizo TANAKA,  Yoji OKADA,  Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-142,SR2012-62,AN2012-36,USN2012-39
A Novel 1-bit Feedforward Distorted Compensation for Bandpass ΔΣ Modulation

Takashi MAEHATA,  Kazuyuki TOTANI,  Suguru KAMEDA,  Noriharu SUEMATSU,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-143,SR2012-63,AN2012-37,USN2012-40
Status of standardization for LTE-Advanced and trend for beyond LTE-Advanced

Yoshikazu KAKURA,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-144,SR2012-64,AN2012-38,USN2012-41
Applications of Compressed Sensing in Wireless Communication Systems

Doohwan LEE,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-145,SR2012-65,AN2012-39,USN2012-42
Progress of Radio Communication Technologies and Amateur Radio : Historical Contributions and Future Roles

Makoto TAROMARU,  

[Paper #]RCS2012-146,SR2012-66,AN2012-40,USN2012-43
A Study on Power Provision Scheme Considering Shadowing Effect for 2D Communication System

Youiti KADO,  Bing ZHANG,  Takashi MATSUDA,  Ryu MIURA,  

[Paper #]USN2012-44
Robustness Evaluation of Positioning Scheme Using Electrode Array for 2D Communication System

Takashi MATSUDA,  Youiti KADO,  Bing ZHANG,  Ryu MIURA,  

[Paper #]USN2012-45
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