Communication-Short Range Wireless Communications(Date:2022/03/02)

[Invited Lecture] A Basic Evaluation of Interference Avoidance Control for Downlink Spectrum Sharing between HAPS and Terrestrial Mobile Communication Systems

Mitsukuni Konishi(SoftBank),  Takuya Nishimaki(SoftBank),  Yohei Shibata(SoftBank),  Atsushi Nagate(SoftBank),  

[Paper #]SR2021-91
Evaluation of Wireless Resource Allocation Scheme

Hiroshi Aoki(ATR),  Shinji Yamaguchi(ATR),  Akio Hasegawa(ATR),  Hiroyuki Yokoyama(ATR),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-259
[Invited Talk] WLAN Sensing: Standardization Activities of IEEE 802.11bf

Masakatsu Ogawa(Sophia Univ.),  

[Paper #]SRW2021-67
A study on noncoherent multi-resolution MIMO communications

Tatsumi Konishi(Aichi Inst. of Tech.),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-258
A Study on Spectrum Sharing of Multiple Local 5G gNBs by Different Operators in a Building

Homare Murakami(NICT),  Hirokazu Sawada(NICT),  Takeshi Matsumura(NICT),  

[Paper #]SR2021-97
Application of Lattice Reduction to Gibbs Sampling MIMO Detection

Kosuke Tomura(Keio Univ.),  Yukitoshi Sanada(Keio Univ.),  Yutaro Kobayashi(Keio Univ.),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-256
[Invited Lecture] Radio Map Extrapolation Using Compensated Empirical CDF under Interference-Limited Observations

Keita Katagiri(UEC),  Koya Sato(UEC),  Kei Inage(TMCIT),  Takeo Fujii(UEC),  

[Paper #]SR2021-92
Random-Phase based Physical-Layer Security Scheme Robust against Time-Variant MIMO Channels

Yurika Matsumoto(Tokyo Tech),  Yuyuan Chang(Tokyo Tech),  Kazuhiko Fukawa(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-252
Comparison of clustering methods as a means of resolving the permutation indeterminacy in OFDM signal separation with FDICA

Yuichi Maruyama(Anritsu),  Naoyuki Maekawa(Anritsu),  Toyoyuki Kato(Anritsu),  

[Paper #]SRW2021-66
Reducing Power Consumption of BLE Advertising Based on Reinforcement Learning

Ryoma Kitagawa(Tokyo Univ. of Science),  Ryosuke Isogai(Seico),  Hiroyuki Yasuda(Tokyo Univ.),  Yoshifumi Yoshida(Seico),  Song-Ju Kim(Tokyo Univ. of Science),  Mikio Hasegawa(Tokyo Univ. of Science),  

[Paper #]SRW2021-65
A Constant Amplitude OFDM Scheme to Compensate for Phase Noise over Millimeter Wave Wireless Channels

Yu Terauchi(Tokyo Tech),  Yuyuan Chang(Tokyo Tech),  Kazuhiko Fukawa(Tokyo Tech),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-251
MMSE Pre-cancellation Matrix Switching for BP MIMO Detection in Overloaded MIMO Systems

Takashi Imamura(Keio Univ),  Yukitoshi Sanada(Keio Univ),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-257
Impact of Clock Drift in Differential Packet-Level Index Modulation

Mai Ohta(Fukuoka Univ.),  Takeo Fujii(UEC),  

[Paper #]SR2021-87
A fundamental experiment of AP clustering for CF-mMIMO in user-centric RAN

Yu Tsukamoto(KDDI Research),  Issei Kannno(KDDI Research),  Takahide Murakami(KDDI Research),  Hiroyuki Shinbo(KDDI Research),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-268
Performance Evaluation of User-Centric AP Cluster Formulation Scheme with User Mobility toward Beyond 5G

Naoki Aihara(KDDI Research),  Akio Ikami(KDDI Research),  Takahide Murakami(KDDI Research),  Yu Tsukamoto(KDDI Research),  Hiroyuki Shinbo(KDDI Research),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-267
Proof-of-Concept of a Micro-Service Distributed Optimization on Edge Computing over Beyond 5G

Jin Nakazato(Rakuten Mobile),  Mitsuhiro Kuchitsu(Rakuten Mobile),  Masahiko Nanri(Rakuten Mobile),  Soh Masuko(Rakuten Mobile),  Keishi Tokugawa(TiTech),  Keiichi Kubota(TiTech),  Kazuki Maruta(TiTech),  Kei Sakaguchi(TiTech),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-263
Cellular Distributed MU-MIMO Communication System

Fumiyuki Adachi(Tohoku U.),  Ryo Takahashi(Tohoku U.),  Hidenori Matsuo(Tohoku U.),  Sijie Xia(Tohoku U.),  Chang Ge(Tohoku U.),  Qiang Chen(Tohoku U.),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-269
Fast Network Switching between Public and Local 5G Networks

Kazuo Ibuka(NICT),  Takeshi Matsumura(NICT),  

[Paper #]RCS2021-264
Interference Estimation Method Using Sparse Modeling under Heterogeneous Network

Hiroki Ito(UEC),  Kei Inage(TMCIT),  Takeo Fujii(UEC),  

[Paper #]SR2021-88
[Invited Lecture] Link Design and Received Power Measurement of 5-GHz Band Wi-Fi Backscatter System

Taiki Machii(Tohoku Univ.),  Koki Edamatsu(Tohoku Univ.),  Mizuki Motoyoshi(Tohoku Univ.),  Suguru Kameda(Tohoku Univ.),  Noriharu Suematsu(Tohoku Univ.),  

[Paper #]SR2021-94
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