Information for Authors
—Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications—
(As of November 1, 2023)

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Table of Contents:

The contents would be subject to change without notification in advance. Authors who submit manuscripts to NOLTA are assumed to agree with this document. The charter of ethics of the IEICE is available in the IEICE web page:


Please refer to the Scope of NOLTA. Military technology is outside the scope of NOLTA.

Type of manuscript:

The manuscripts are categorized as PAPER or SURVEY PAPER.

Review Policy:

NOLTA publishes technical reports on outstanding inventions, innovation, and finding that have influential importance to nonlinear science. Rapid circulation of publication as well as article quality is deemed important for both contributors and subscribers working in the fast moving fields. For the promptness in reviewing and publishing procedures, authors are strongly advised to write their manuscripts as clearly and simply as possible so that the significance of their accomplishment can be readily spotted. Manuscripts that do not match the scope or the style regulation would be automatically rejected without being reviewed. Manuscripts that are evaluated as of minor values for nonlinear science might be rarely accepted even though they report novel results. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest and should point out relevant work which is not yet cited. Reviewed articles should be treated confidentially.

Originality of Manuscript:

All submitted PAPERs must contain original work.
  1. Obey the IEICE Provisions on Copyright.
  2. Do not submit content identical or extremely similar to material that has already appeared under the name of another author(s). Do not reproduce copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
  3. Even if you are the author(s) of a manuscript, do not submit it if copyright problems exist, for example, if the copyright is held by a body other than the IEICE and cannot be transferred to the IEICE.
  4. In cases deemed to comprise plagiarism, penalties identical to those assessed in the event of duplicate submission shall be applied.

No duplicate submissions

If a submitted material satisfies the following conditions (1) or (2) and the materials in the corresponding condition share at least one author, NOLTA will consider the material submission as Duplicate Submission even if it does not violate Copyright Compliance. In this case, NOLTA applies the strict penalty to the author(s) of the submitted material. NOLTA does not care about its written language, but cares about semantic-content similarity.

  1. A material submitted to NOLTA is identical or extremely similar to a material that has already appeared or is under review in any journal or elsewhere.
  2. A material submitted to any journal or elsewhere is identical or extremely similar to a material that has already appeared or is under review in NOLTA.

Here, "under review" means the state from its submission either to publication, to rejection or to withdrawal. Notwithstanding the above, a submission will not be treated as a duplicate submission if every such material in the above conditions is applicable to at least one of the following conditions from (a) to (f).

  1. a patent publication gazette or the like
  2. a university undergraduate thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis, technical report, etc.
  3. the abstracts, proceedings, etc. of a meeting, seminar, or international conference of the IEICE or other academic organization
  4. a book, a corporate technical journal or bulletin etc.
  5. a newspaper article or the like
  6. a preprint server of a highly public nature, an author's own home page or the like

Note that refereed materials among the above (a) to (f) should be cited in submitted material as the footnotes or references.

Countermeasures against duplicate submission

If a manuscript is suspected of duplicate submission to any journal, the IEICE Editorial Committee has the right to investigate the situation by exchanging information with the Editorial Board of the concerned journal. When the duplicate submission is confirmed by discreet inquiries, the IEICE Editorial Committee will apply the following sanctions against all the authors of the manuscript.

  1. Immediate rejection of the manuscript in question, and also immediate rejection of all other manuscripts under review that include at least one of the authors of the manuscript in question.
  2. Prohibition of any new submissions to all the IEICE transactions and journal for a term of one year or less.
  3. Notification to the Editorial Board of the concerned journal about the duplicate submission.
  4. Publication of a notice that announces the cancelation of the paper, as well as the indication of the cancelation on the web site of Transactions Online, in the case that the manuscript has already been published in our transactions.


IEICE considers individuals who made substantial contributions, such as the conception or design of the research, the acquisition or analysis of data, and the implementation of experiments, to the completion of the submitted paper, and who agreed to the content of the paper to be authors. The assignment of authorship to persons other than the above, or the exclusion of persons who should be authors, is a fraudulent act and is strictly prohibited.

Protection of Personal Information:

Sufficient care should be exercised when submitting a manuscript bearing personal data such as photographs or names to the transactions. If necessary, written permission should be obtained from the individual concerned.

Ethical Considerations in Research Involving Human Participants:

The author(s) should obtain approval from the ethics committee or the equivalent organization within the author's institution for research related to the life or living organism of the participants. However, if the author group consists of multiple institutions, it is sufficient to obtain approval from at least one of the institutions.

Preparing Manuscript:

Manuscripts to NOLTA are received via electronic submission only. Authors are requested to prepare manuscript by using the officially approved formats (LaTeX style file), in which all the styles and formats are prescribed.

  1. Papers do not usually exceed 30 pages of an A4-sized PDF file.
  2. The first page contains paper title, author list, ORCID(s), affiliation(s), 100-word-abstract, and keywords.
  3. The maximum file size of the final PDF file would not exceed 10 MB.

Since NOLTA manuscripts are rapidly published as submitted (or at least minimum editing/formatting by publisher), it is essential to adhere to the provided templates.
The template files can be downloaded here:
The zipped file includes,

  1. LaTeX style file for NOLTA (updated on October 1, 2022): nolta.cls
  2. LaTeX template file (also instructions) (updated on March 10, 2023): NOLTA_temp_v4_1.tex
  3. Compiled PDF (updated on March 10, 2023): NOLTA_temp_v4_1.pdf
  4. Header image file: header.pdf
  5. Sample image file: fig1.pdf
  6. CC license logo file: by-nc-nd.pdf

Submitting Manuscript:

To submit manuscript to NOLTA, authors should visit the web page:

to complete a Submission Form and to upload the following items:

  • PDF file of manuscript for review
  • Electronic file of manuscript in LaTeX

Art submitted electronically is only acceptable for graphics. Self-descriptive file names such as fig1.pdf are preferred. Any graphic file format compatible with TeX (and its dvi ware) is acceptable, however, the PDF format is strongly recommended.
Authors are also requested to list up expected Associate Editor, unexpected Associate Editor, possible reviewers, or unexpected reviewers in the comment field; “[9] Any further inquiries and comments to the IEICE Publishing Office” in the Manuscript Registration page. This information may be used by the NOLTA Editorial Board when directing manuscript to corresponding Associate Editor.
The author(s) must agree to the Copyright Transfer and Article Charge Agreement by clicking the checkbox in the Manuscript Registration page.

After we receive your manuscript, a Receipt of Manuscript will be sent to you by e-mail in a few days. Please use your Reference Number specified in the Receipt of Manuscript if you want to know the review status of your manuscript or when asking questions. In case you have difficulty submitting your manuscript via our web site or you do not receive the Receipt of Manuscript, please contact the IEICE Publishing Office.

Review Process:

The first review

All manuscripts are evaluated to be any one of “Acceptance,” “Conditional Acceptance,” or “Rejected.” In case of Conditional Acceptance, authors may resubmit a revised version of their manuscript for the second review.

Resubmission of the revised manuscript

The revised manuscript should be resubmitted within 60 days for Regular Sections, and within 28 days for Special Sections (Special Issues), respectively, of the date of acknowledgement of Conditional Acceptance. If the limit is exceeded, and there are no extenuating circumstances, then the manuscript will be considered as a new submission.
The author(s) must attach an accompanying letter to the Associate Editor indicating how they have revised the manuscript in accordance with the Reviewer's and Associate Editor's comments. In addition, additions and corrections in the revised manuscript should be marked so that the Reviewer can clearly identify the changes made.
No change in the list of authors is as a rule permitted. Nonetheless, if in the process of revising a manuscript the need arises to expand or reduce the list of authors or modify the order of their names, a request can be submitted by attaching a written explanation at the time of the revision. When requesting to modify the list of authors, be sure to state that fact in the reply letter. Your request will be accepted if the NOLTA Editorial Board deems the reasons cited in the written explanation valid. No change in authorship is permitted once a manuscript has been finally accepted.

The second review

The revised manuscripts are evaluated to be either “Acceptance,” or “Rejected.” This evaluation is the final result for the corresponding manuscript. That is, no more revisions are allowed.
However, authors of manuscripts that could be potentially accepted after further revisions may be informed by the corresponding Associate Editor or Editorial Board, and would be encouraged to consider re-submission as a new submission. See also Resubmission as a new manuscript section.

Resubmission as a new manuscript

For manuscripts receiving rejection notices, the revised version of the manuscript may be resubmitted. Authors are required to take the same steps as the initial submission when submitting a revised version of the manuscript. Upon resubmission, the authors are encouraged to provide the previous paper ID number and the Reply Letter to expedite the review process.

Article Charge:

Upon accepted for publication, the authors are requested to pay a mandatory article charge:

  1. JPY 62,857; if at least one of the authors is an IEICE member.
  2. JPY 68,095; if none of the authors are the IEICE member.

(1) and (2) are valid for manuscripts consist of up to 30 pages. Extra page-charges will apply if the papers exceed 30 pages.

Overseas membership development program

As part of our effort to support IEICE Overseas Members residing in Asia (except Republic of Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore), Africa, Central America and South America, the Overseas Membership Development Program (OMDP) provides a discount on page charges. For details on eligibility for each Membership grade, please refer to IEICE web page:
If the first author of a manuscript meets the requirements of the OMDP, the page charges will be reduced by 60% at the author’s request. Furthermore, in case that the first author is an Overseas Student Member, the page charges will be reduced by 80%.

Reading Page Proof:

A page proof in the PDF format is sent to the corresponding author only once prior to the publication of the manuscript. Minor and typographical errors should be corrected on the printout or by PDF mark-up and returned to the IEICE Office through web within three (3) days, after which the manuscript may be published as is. Be aware that we do not accept any change in the title or names of authors including the order of the listed authors.


The copyrights of all articles in the Transactions published by the IEICE, whatever medium it may be presented, are automatically transferred to the IEICE. However, the original authors retain the right to copy, translate or modify their own manuscripts. In cases when a manuscript is translated into another language or when any portion of the manuscript is to be submitted to another publication, authors should register the action with the IEICE, and the original manuscript should be clearly cited in the publications.

For the detail, refer to the IEICE Provisions on Copyright.

Creative Commons Licensing:

All articles will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND).


The IEICE collects personal information of authors when they submit manuscripts to NOLTA. The IEICE may use collected personal information only in the activities for improving its publishing services and providing authors with further benefits. Examples of such activity are statistical analysis of submission, e-mail alerting of the latest updates, requests for comments and suggestions to the NOLTA services. Personal identifiable information will not be disclosed unless the law requires it. The IEICE may share aggregated information with partners.


Authors who disagree with the Editorial judgement for the manuscript are given the opportunity to submit their refutation in document to the Editor. The refutation shall be forwarded to the Associate Editor. The NOLTA Editorial Board will make further decision with reference to the Associate Editor's judgement and the reviewers' comments.


The authors are encouraged to post the articles under review to preprint servers under the following conditions.

  1. It is possible to upload on the preprint server after submission and before publication. You may upload the submitted version, the revised version after 1st review, the author’s final version, and the publisher’s version of the paper. After the publisher’s version is issued, replace uploaded paper to them.
  2. When uploading to the preprint server, request for permission is not required if all of the following conditions are met.
    1. Copyright notices (e.g., copyright © 2022 IEICE) *See Note (a).
    2. Indication of source (e.g., author name, title, magazine name, volume, issue, page, year of publication, etc.)
    3. Author’s consent (When the organization to which the author belongs uses the manuscript, or when there are some co-authors)

*Note (a)
When you'd like to upload your paper to a preprint server that does not allow copyright notices, and the server is approved by the IEICE, you do not have to show copyright notices. As of July 2022, the IEICE accepts “Jxiv” and “arXiv” for this condition. Jxiv (J-Stage Preprint Server) closely collaborates with the J-Stage publication platform on which the NOLTA articles are published. Therefore, Jxiv is recommended for the preprint server. Note that a link to the formal publication in the NOLTA through the relevant DOI should be added to the corresponding Jxiv article page after the final version is published.

Please refer Q&A #9 on the Copyright FAQ.


The authors are encouraged to post the articles published in NOLTA to repository servers. Permission requests for use are unnecessary, in the case of using it for “non-commercial purposes” and “the use does not unfairly infringe on the IEICE’s interests.” However, the following conditions must be met.

  1. Conditions for no permission request (must meet all)
    1. Copyright notices (e.g., copyright © 2022 IEICE)
    2. Indication of source (e.g., author name, title, magazine name, volume, issue, page, year of publication, etc.)
    3. Author’s consent (when the organization to which the author belongs uses the manuscript, or when there are some co-authors)
    4. Publication of publisher’s version PDF (when using the whole paper)
  2. Permitted repositories
    Author's own personal server, server of an organization to which the author belongs. *See Note (b).
  3. Permitted period
    In the case of using the whole paper, in principle, it can be used after publication. Please use the publisher’s version (PDF).

*Note (b): Author's own personal server:
A server to or from which the author can upload or delete material without any permission from others (e.g., a blog or the server of a university department).

For more information, please refer Q&A #1 on the Copyright FAQ.
See also Terms of Use.

Withdraw Submissions:

Authors should not withdraw their submitted papers because the withdrawal wastes voluntary works devoted by an associate editor and reviewers. But, we accept the withdrawal of a submitted paper if authors have unavoidable reasons. Authors must follow the procedures shown below when they withdraw their submitted papers.

  1. Authors must send a withdraw request letter by e-mail with its scanned PDF file to the IEICE Publishing Office before the notification of acceptance for publication. The withdraw request letter must include the following information.
    1. Paper number
    2. Paper title
    3. Authors names
    4. Reason why the paper must be withdrawn.
    5. Date and signatures of all the authors (or signature of the contact author)
    If only the contact author signs the letter, he/she must obtain the agreement of the withdrawal from all the other authors and the letter must include the description that all the other authors agreed the withdrawal.
  2. After the paper is accepted for publication, the withdrawal is not permitted in principle. The authors must always pay the page charge even if the withdrawal is permitted.
  3. The Editor-in-Chief decides whether the withdrawal is allowable or not. The IEICE Publishing Office will send the authors the decision of the Editor-in-Chief. If the authors don't receive any reply from the IEICE Publishing Office, they must send an inquiry about the withdrawal to the office.
  4. The date of the withdrawal is given in the permission.
  5. Any request of withdrawal that does not follow the above procedure is treated as invalid.

If illegal submission, e.g., plagiarized or duplicate submission, is found for a paper, the withdrawal of the paper will never be permitted and the authors will be punishedbased on the rule.


Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE is abbreviated as “NOLTA.”

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