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International exchange

Global activities-connecting the world-

The IEICE has over 2,000 overseas members from over 60 countries. At International Sections, the following activities are being held by section representatives.

● Planning and implementation of lectures, etc. twice a year (including local Japanese)
● Dissemination and promotion of the IEICE activities at the time of lecture meeting.

Green countries and regions indicate that there are members of that nationality.

IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum(ICTF2019)in Poland


Commendation for outstanding achievements

Every year, the following awards are given to special achievements, and authors and presenters of excellent papers related to electronics and telecommunications.

Distinguished Achievement and Contributions Award Shield Achievement Award Shield


International electrical standard activities by IEC~ Promoting solutions to social challenge ~

Every year, more than 100 IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) documents are deliberated, it contributes greatly to IEC international standardization activities in cooperation with the Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and the IEC Activity Promotion Committee (IEC-APC). We also provide on-site lectures on themes related to international standardization at the request of companies and universities. In addition, a part of the university lectures are eligible for university credits.

Public awareness activities for youth

The fun of Science conveyed by university professors ~Science for children ! ~

It has been pointed out that there is a shortage of ICT engineers, and a problem of junior high school and high school students are away from science, engineering and chemistry. The IEICE has taken this problem seriously from an early stage, and we have been held science classes aimed at nurturing children who are interested in sciences for elementary, junior high and high school students since 1995.