International Sections -2003-

Before starting the above program, we have received some opinions from several representative people such as,
- Their activities should not be limited to their domestic area but be expanded to the overseas in general.
- The globalization of the academic activities in the field of Information, Communication, Electronics and Computer Engineering has led to a certain increase in the number of students studying in Japan from Asian countries. As a result, this has brought to an increase of embership of Asian students in the IEICE. When these students return to their home countries, the IEICE should support the follow-up to keep their membership.
- We have received requests from these current student members in Japan that they would like to continue to subscribe the IEICE Journal and Transactions when they return to their home countries.
- Since invitation activities at International conferences has been increased, the number of IEICE Overseas members increases accordingly. Regarding these opinions, we planned to initiate IEICE Overseas Area Representative Program in order to expand our academic activities to several areas in Asia. We have appointed the representatives of the following four areas in Asia.

The current four IEICE Overseas Area Representatives are as follows;

Area Name affiliation
Taipei Prof. Hung-Chun CHANG National Taiwan Univ.
Singapore Prof. Li Le-Wei, JOSHUA National Univ. of Singapore
Beijing Prof. Zhisheng NIU Tsinghua Univ.
Bangkok Prof. Prasit Prapinmongkolkarn Chulalongkorn Univ.
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