2021 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications 2021 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications

Special issues

IEICE Communications Express

We welcome your submission to the Special Cluster of IEICE Communications Express:
Special Cluster in Emerging Communication Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of ICETC2021
First deadline: Jan. 5, 2022
Second deadline: Feb. 17, 2022

IEICE Transactions on Communications

In addition, we welcome your submission to the Special Section of IEICE Transactions on Communications:
Special Section on Emerging Communication Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of ICETC 2021.
Deadline: Feb. 25, 2022


Oral Session

■ Preparation for speakers in oral sessions

Five oral presentations are assigned in a 90-minute slot.
Each speaker has 18 minutes including 3 or 4-minute Q and A time.
Oral sessions use Zoom meeting. Prepare some slide for screen share in your presentation.

Poster Session

■ Preparation for speakers in poster sessions

Please prepare your slides for short presentation (max. 10 pages). Export your slides as images (png or jpg) in advance and upload them in your EventIn table as below.

■ About ICETC2021 EventIn Space

The ICETC2021 EventIn space is composed of four floors corresponding to four-poster sessions (Poster 1-4), and a Help Desk floor. In the poster session floors, each poster presentation is assigned a dedicated table (like a Zoom breakout room). The poster presenters will give their short presentations to the audience visiting their tables.
There are two modes for presentation; talk mode (default) and exhibition mode. In talk mode, the poster presenter (table host) shares their screen, and the audience sees the same shared screen. In exhibition mode, each audience member can view different images uploaded in advance by the table host. The table hosts can switch modes at any time.
Each poster session will last 90 minutes, and it is up to the poster presenters how to use the session time and modes. However, when you leave your table in the session (e.g., to visit other tables), you should change the mode to exhibition mode so that the visiting audience can view your presentation material. It is recommended that you stay at your table for the last 30 minutes of the session when the parallel oral sessions are finished, and the coffee break is held.

■ Rehearsal

We will have the rehearsals on the following dates and times. Please join either of them and check if you can make poster presentation at your table. Staffs are in the Help Desk Floor.
11/29 13:30-15:00
11/30 13:30-15:00
By simultaneously logging in as a participant from the URL below, you can check the screen sharing from the audience's point of view.

■ EventIn Poster Presentation Manual

1. Check your browser
Access the following URL to check whether your browser and network can be used for the EventIn poster session.

2. Accept an invitation
You will receive a following invitation mail from vcube_do_not_reply@vcube.com around Nov. 22th (*). Please sign up and proceed the following instructions.

*: We will send the invitation to the mail address used for your poster submission. If the mail address is different from the poster presenter’s one, please mail secretariat. We will send another invitation mail to the poster presenter.

3. Upload presentation images
(The following explanation uses English menu names, but depending on your browser's language settings, other-language menus may be displayed.)
Click the edit button () and upload your exported slide images through “Exhibition Contents” tab and “+ Add images” button. Note that, slide files (pdf or pptx) cannot be uploaded but only images (jpg or png) can. Thus, slides should be exported as images.
You can also upload your paper, presentation slide (PDF) at the "Download Cabinet".

4. Join the session
Click the hall image and click “Join (Table hosts)”. Then, in the Profile Page, Input Attendee Name as “[Presenter] YourName”. Click “Next” and “Join” button, you will be at the “Floor Guide” page. Go to your session floor and join your poster table as Table Host.

5. Give your presentation
Tables are in the talk mode by default. You can share your slides and talk to the audience visiting your table, like a Zoom breakout room, through the “share screen” button at the bottom of the screen. Those buttons automatically appear when the mouse cursor moves to the bottom of the screen (*). You can also switch to exhibition mode (**) through the configuration (three dots) button. Then audience can view the uploaded images and you can confirm who is watching which image. You must change to exhibition mode when you leave your table in the session.

*: Mac users must allow the browser to record the screen through “System Preference (システム環境設定)” -> “Security & Privacy (セキュリティとプライバシー)” -> “Screen Recording (画面収録)”.
**: You can also switch to presentation mode, but it is like a webinar style (audience cannot talk) and does not fit to the poster session.

6. Re-login
You can re-login the ICETC2021 EventIn space from the following URL and you can start from the above Step. 4:
Do not login through the URL notified to participants (audience). You must join the EventIn as a Table Host.

■ References

https://youtu.be/eeRUt15UigQ (Video lecture for talk mode presentation)
https://youtu.be/qeWRKLxfkjk (Video lecture for exhibition mode presentation)

■ Contact

If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address below:


Paper Submission

■ Call for Paper and Featured information from Committee

Call for Paper

■ Paper submission Guidelines

Authors can select ORAL or POSTER presentation at paper submission.
- If you submit a paper for oral presentation, the page length limit is FOUR pages.
- If you submit a paper for poster presentation, the page length limit is ONE page.
Note that your submission for oral presentation might be accepted as a poster presentation.

Please prepare your manuscript for submission in accordance with the following procedure.
1. Prepare your manuscript using the ICETC template, Word format or LaTeX format. If you submit a paper for poster presentation, please delete Summary and Keywords in the manuscript.
2. Convert your manuscript to PDF file.
3. Visit the website for paper submission.
4. Before your initial submission, create an account. After creating your account, follow the instruction to input paper information and upload the PDF file.

NOTE: Content identical or extremely similar to material that has already appeared or is in submission elsewhere must not be submitted, either by the same authors or by a team including any one of them. All copyrights of the manuscript, including rights for publishing in any media, are transferred to the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE).
The accepted papers will be included in the IEICE Proceeding Series as open access papers.

Author's Schedule

Deadline for submission of papers : August 30, 2021 (JST) September 30, 2021 (JST)
Notification of acceptance : November 1, 2021 (JST)
Deadline for submission of camera-ready papers : November 12, 2021 (JST)

Awards and Recommendation to Journal

ICETC2021 Committee present the following three types of awards. The award candidates should be the first author and the presenter of the ICETC2021. The selections of the awards are based on the quality, originality, and clarity of the paper and the presentation.

・Best Paper Award for Oral Session
・Best Poster Award for Poster Presentation Session
・Student Presentation Award for Oral/Poster Presentation Session
・Outstanding Contribution Award

Awards rules and eligibility is here (in Japanese).

The committee also recommend excellent papers to the IEICE Transactions on Communications (Japanese/English) and IEICE Communication Express (Comex).