February issue of IEICE Journal
February 01, 2023

February issue of IEICE Journal

An article about IEEE Xplore has been published in the CS Society page of the February issue of IEICE Journal.

The February issue of the IEICE Journal features an article by Prof. Makoto Taromaru, Chair, CS Editorial Board of the Communications Society.

The article, titled "Revision of Publication Fees for Communications Society English Transactions and Letters ComEX due to Change of Publication Site," can be accessed for free at https://www.journal.ieice.org/bin/pdf_link.php?fname=k106_2_165&lang=J&year=2023.

In the piece, Dr. Taromaru explains the revision of publication fees for EB and ComEX following the move to IEEE Xplore as their new publication site.

We encourage everyone to take a look at the article, which is now open access.