2004 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Sendai
June 1-4, 2004, Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan
Volume 1

vol.1  pp.1-4  
A study on common-mode current on feed cable attached to PCB with different cross sectional structures
Y. Kayano, M. Tanaka and H. Inoue, Akita University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.5-8  
EMI reduction method of a PCB with an I/O board
M. Kanda and N. Oka, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan 
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vol.1  pp.9-12  
Characteristics of LCTL and radiated emission for differential type microstrip lines with partial unbalance
K. Fujiyoshi*, M. Shigenaga*, C. Miyazaki** and M. Tokuda*, *Musashi Institute of Technology, **Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.13-16  
Novel concepts for noise mitigation in high-speed boards and packages using metallo-dielectric electromagnetic band gap material - theory, simulation, and measurements
O.M. Ramahi and S. Shahparnia, University of Maryland, USA 
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vol.1  pp.17-20  
Radiated emission from signal line driven by digital IC
C. Miyazaki*, N. Oka*, Y. Sasaki* and M. Tokuda**, *Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, **Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.21-24  
Decoupling characteristic improvement by using plural MLCCs
T. Ikenaga, M. Shimizu and S. Kazama, TAIYO YUDEN Co., Ltd., Japan 
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vol.1  pp.25-28  
Analysis of differential to common mode conversion characteristics of connected two PCB boards
Y. Shimoshio* J.L. Drewniak**, D. Pommerenke** and T. Van Doren**, *Kumamoto National College of Tech., Japan, **University of Missouri-Rolla, USA 
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vol.1  pp.29-32  
Electromagnetic emission from edge placed differential traces on printed circuit board
F. Xiao*, K. Murano**, M. Tayarani*** and Y. Kami*, *University of Electro-Communications, **Tokai University, Japan, ***Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran 
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vol.1  pp.33-36  
On effects of slot in PCB ground plane interconnection
H. Hirayama* and Y. Kami**, *Nagoya Institute of Technology, **The University of Electro-Communications, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.37-40  
Study for temperature dependability of radiation noise
C. Igarashi*, J. Oouchi*, S. Irokawa*, S. Kuroki** and K. Itoh***, *Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd., **SOKA University, ***Itoken Research Laboratory, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.41-44  
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) self-learning kits based on power electronics approach
W. Khan-ngern, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand 
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vol.1  pp.45-48  
Extracting R, L, G, C parameters of microstrip and striplines with dispersive substrates
J. Zhang, M. Koledintseva and J.L. Drewniak, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA 
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vol.1  pp.49-51  
Extracting a SPICE compatible equivalent circuit from measured S-parameter data
G. Selli*, A. De Luca**, S. Luan*, G. Antonini**, J.L. Drewniak*, J.L. Knighten***, J. Fan*** and A. Orlandi**, *University of Missouri-Rolla, USA, **University of L'Aquila, Italy, ***NCR Corporation, USA 
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vol.1  pp.53-56  
FDTD analysis of microstrip line under non-contact measurement using magnetic field probe
T. Uchida*, T. Doi* and N. Masuda**, *Ashikaga Institute of Technology, **NEC Corporation, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.57-60  
High-isolated and high-performance vertical transitions for multilayer printed circuit boards
T. Kushta*, K. Narita*, T. Saeki** and H. Tohya*, *NEC Corporation, **NEC Electronics, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.61-64  
Three-conductor modeling of striplines at via discontinuities
A.E. Engin*, W. John**, G. Sommer**, W. Mathis***, *University of Paderborn, **Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, ***University of Hannover, Germany 
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vol.1  pp.65-68  
BS-to-BS interference of WCDMA and PCS 1900 (IS-95)
S. Malisuwan*, A. Ieamgusonkit** and V. Ungvichian***, *Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, **Rangsit University, Thailand, ***Florida Atlantic University, USA. 
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vol.1  pp.69-72  
Numerical study on the disturbance measurements related to the performance of digital wireless communication systems
K. Gotoh, Y. Yamanaka and T. Shinozuka, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.73-76  
An empirical 802.11b WLAN performance prediction model in a noise environment by APD
S.J. Lim, M.H. Hur, S.W. Kwon and Y.J. Yoon, *Yonsei University, Korea 
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vol.1  pp.77-80  
A study on issues of electromagnetic interference for 5.2- GHz-band wireless LANs
Y. Hiroshima, Y. Akiyama and H. Yamane, NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.81-84  
Radiated electromagnetic field immunity test method for wireless LAN
Y. Honma, M. Kitora and M. Tokuda, Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.85-88  
Real-time formant analysis system for EMI discrimination
F. Ishiyama, K. Murakawa and H. Yamane, NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.89-92  
Uplink capacity of all-packet-service WCDMA mobile internet systems in EMI environment
S. Malisuwan*, A. Ieamgusonkit** and K. Rosesukon***,*Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, **Rangsit University, ***Ericsson (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand 
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vol.1  pp.93-96  
BER analysis of bluetooth system interfered by microwave oven noises
T. Murakami*, Y. Matsumoto*, K. Fujii*, A. Sugiura* and Y. Yamanaka**, *Tohoku University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.97-100  
Call-blocking probability of ATM-centric ADSL system due to crosstalk and cable length effects
S. Malisuwan*, A. Ieamgusonkit** and V. Ungvichian***, *Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, **Rangsit University, Thailand, ***Florida Atlantic University, USA. 
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vol.1  pp.101-104  
Suppression of microwave oven interference in WLAN systems using adaptive filters
M. Nakatsuka, Y. Matsumoto, K. Fujii and A. Sugiura, Tohoku University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.105-108  
UWB communication signals coupling to wires
C. Buccella, M. Feliziani and G. Manzi, University of L'Aquila, Italy 
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vol.1  pp.109-112  
Broadband characteristics design of semi-circle type bow-tie antenna with hole slots using FDTD analysis
I. Murata*, Y. Miyazaki** and N. Goto*, *Toyohashi University of Technology, **Aichi University of Technology, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.113-116  
PW (Parallel Wired) cell using pyramid ferrite absorber as a microwave absorber
Y. Tanaka*, M. Tokuda* and K. Shimada**, *Musashi Institute of Technology, **Riken Eletech Corporation, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.117-120  
The measurement result of E-field distribution in a TEM cell using optical E-field sensor
S. Enomoto, S. Torihata, J. Ichijoh and R. Osawa, NEC TOKIN Corporation, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.121-124  
Four-septum TEM cell for immunity/susceptibility test by rotating EM fields
Y. Suganuma*, F. Xiao*, K. Murano**, M. Tayarani*** and Y. Kami*, *The University of Electro-Communications, **Tokai University, Japan, ***Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran 
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vol.1  pp.125-128  
Field uniformity characteristics of a reverberation chamber with dispositions of diffuser sets
E. Rhee and J. G. Rhee, Hanyang University, Korea 
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vol.1  pp.129-132  
EMC engineer training
K. Williams, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA 
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vol.1  pp.133-136  
Experimental evaluation of the validation method using broadband antenna for radiated emission test site
K. Osabe*, T. Yamanaka** and J. Kawano***, *Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., **Akzo Nobel K. K., ***Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.137-140  
Prediction of electric field strength at 10m distance using emission source finding method
N. Aoki*, M. Kawabata**, Y. Ishida*** and N. Kuwabara*, *Kyushu Institute of Technology, **Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center, ***ADOX Fukuoka, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.141-144  
A study on ISN for measuring conductive disturbance at communication port
H. Yamane*1, A. Konemori*2 T. Matsumoto*3, T. Komatsuzaki*4, K. Sanno*5, S. Matsuda*6, M. Fukuda*7, M. Hirato*8, Y. Hiratsuka*9, M. Denda*10, H. Muramatsu*11, I. Minematsu*12, J. Kawano*13, Y. Mogi*14 and Y. Hiroshima*1, *1NTT, *2Mitsubishi Electric, *3Fuji Xerox, *4Panasonic Mobile communications, *5Canon, *6AKZO NOBEL, *7NEC Engineering, *8Gloval Techno Management Lab., *9FUJITSU, *10VLAC, *11NEC Access Technica, *12KEC, *13VCCI, *14Kyoritsu, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.145-148  
The high sensitive three dimensional optical E-field sensor for time domain measurements
S. Torihata, Y. Toba, S. Enomoto, M. Sato, J. Ichijoh and R. Osawa, NEC TOKIN Corporation, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.149-152  
Invasiveness of optical magnetic field probes with a loop antenna element
S. Arakawa*, E. Suzuki*, H. Ota*, K. Arai*,** and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.153-156  
Double loaded EO magnetic field probe working above 10 GHz
E. Suzuki*, S. Arakawa*, H. Ota*, K. Arai*,** and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.157-160  
Measurement of electric near field distribution by optical electric field probe
X. Li,*, H. Ota*, S. Arakawa*, K. Arai** and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(396K)

vol.1  pp.161-164  
Estimation of current distribution on antennas by near- field measurement
M. Teramoto, M. Hangai, Q. Chen and K. Sawaya, Tohoku University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.165-168  
Frequency domain compensation of probe induced disturbances in near field measurements
J. Shi*, R.E. DuBroff*, M. Yamaguchi,** and K. Slattery***, *University of Missouri-Rolla, U.S.A., **Tohoku University, Japan, *** Intel Corporation, U.S.A. 
Full Text:PDF(470K)

vol.1  pp.169-172  
Radiation characteristics of a transmission line with a side plate
T. Nakamura*, N. Takase* and R. Sato**, *Gifu University, **Sendai EMC Research Center, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.173-176  
The influence of the dielectric thickness upon transmission/radiation characteristics of MSL with a bend
H. Endo H. Shoji and T. Shiokawa, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.177-180  
Radiation from a parallel-two-wire line covered with dielectric tube
Y. Kuboyama* and R. Sato**, *Ashikaga Institute of Technology, **Tohoku University, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.181-184  
Radiated immunity/susceptibility test method using slowly rotating electromagnetic wave
Y. Kami* F. Xiao*, K. Murano** and M. Tayarani***, *The University of Electro-Communications, **Tokai University, Japan, ***Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran 
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vol.1  pp.185-188  
The complex antenna factor and waveform reconstruction
T. Iwasaki and L. Hamada, The University of Electro- Communications, Japan 
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vol.1  pp.189-192  
New technologies of harmonic suppression control in power system
N. Matsui*, A. Kawamura**, T. Ohnishi***, T. Takeshita*, H. Ukai*, M. Saito*, K. Ohnishi**** and K. Nakamura*, *Nagoya Institute of Technology, **Yokohama National University, ***Tokushima University, ****Keio University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(322K)

vol.1  pp.193-196  
Common-mode noise reduction techniques for switched- mode power converters
T. Ninomiya*, M. Shoyama*, N. Mutoh** and H. Hayakawa***, *Kyushu University, **Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, ***Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(373K)

vol.1  pp.197-200  
Control of unintentional electromagnetic waves from digital circuits: efficient EMC modeling of devices and PCBs
R. Koga*, O. Wada*, Y. Toyota*, K. Fujimori*, T. Miyashita*, N. Kagawa**, T. Watanabe***, Z.L. Wang* and A. Namba*, *Okayama University, **Fukuyama University, ***Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(151K)

vol.1  pp.201-204  
Quantitative evaluation of common-mode radiation from a PCB based on imbalance difference model
T. Watanabe*, O. Wada**, A. Namba**, K. Fujimori**, S. Matsunaga** and R. Koga**, *Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture, **Okayama University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(315K)

vol.1  pp.205-208  
Radiation from elbow-shaped transmission line
T. Yamada*, K. Murano**, F. Xiao*, Y. Kami* and J.L. Drewniak***, * The University of Electro-Communications, **Tokai University, Japan, ***University of Missouri-Rolla, USA 
Full Text:PDF(305K)

vol.1  pp.209-212  
Experimental studies on the electromagnetic fields around a two-wire parallel line
H. Echigo and K. Sato, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(499K)

vol.1  pp.213-216  
A new method of field to two-wire transmission line coupling calculation
T. Liu and G. Li, Tsinghua University, China 
Full Text:PDF(152K)

vol.1  pp.217-220  
Evaluation of the coupling between the electromagnetic field and a printed circuit board trace in a metallic enclosure
G. Mu, Q. Wang and C. Shi, Tsinghua University, China 
Full Text:PDF(245K)

vol.1  pp.221-224  
Common-mode current due to trace and slit in ground plane and effect of guard band
M. Tanaka*, Y. Kayano*, J.L. Drewniak** and H. Inoue*, *Akita University, Japan, **University of Missouri-Rolla, USA 
Full Text:PDF(233K)

vol.1  pp.225-228  
Reduction of EMI from high-speed transmission line with narrow return trace using quasi-differential signaling
A. Namba*, M. Nishihara*, T. Watanabe**, Y. Toyota*, O. Wada* and R. Koga*, *Okayama University, **Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(140K)

vol.1  pp.229-232  
Analysis of power/ground-reference planes for EMC & functionality
B. Archambeault and S. Connor, IBM, USA 
Full Text:PDF(291K)

vol.1  pp.233-236  
A consideration on far-field emission due to the ground bounce of practical CMOS-IC mounted PCB
K. Sasabe*, J. Wang** and O. Fujiwara**, *Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd, **Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(315K)

vol.1  pp.237-240  
Using cavity-modes for modeling of via-connected power bus stacks in multilayer PCBs
Z.L. Wang*, O. Wada*, T. Yaguchi**, T. Miyashita*, Y. Toyota* and R. Koga*, Okayama University, **NEC Informatec Systems, Ltd, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(225K)

vol.1  pp.241-244  
Investigation of capacitor allocation to reduce EMI arising from a via-hole penetrating through power-distribution planes
T. Harada*, N. Kobayashi*, T. Yaguchi**, A. Wakui** and S. Eya**, *NEC Corporation, **NEC Informatec Systems, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(256K)

vol.1  pp.245-248  
Experimental evaluation of a low EMI multilayer PCB structure for high speed digital circuit
D. Iguchi, K. Ikeda and K. Araki, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(345K)

vol.1  pp.249-252  
A generation mechanism of electromagnetic noise on the circuit due to ground potential variation
A. Mutoh* and S. Nitta**, *Tokyo Fuji University, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(161K)

vol.1  pp.253-256  
Prediction of EMI-induced distortion phenomena in CMOS opamps by a new large-signal model
F. Fiori and P.S. Crovetti, Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(300K)

vol.1  pp.257-260  
Influence of technological constrains of HDI organic substrates on RF characteristics of embedded inductor component
G. Sommer, W. John and H. Reichl, FhG IZM, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(227K)

vol.1  pp.261-264  
Reduction properties of radiated harmonics for core and output circuits by on-chip decoupling capacitor
T. Sudo, J. Kudo, and K. Nakano, Association of Super- advanced Electronics Technologies (ASET), Japan 
Full Text:PDF(368K)

vol.1  pp.265-268  
Modeling concept for susceptibility behavior in sensor microsystems
U. Sturmer*, W. John** and H. Reichl**, *FhG IZM/University of Paderborn, **Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(366K)

vol.1  pp.269-272  
Abstract modeling of signal behaviour in interconnected integrated circuits based on black box approach and model order reduction
G. Lubkowski*, R. Piesiewicz* and W. John**, *FhG IZM/University of Paderborn, **Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(280K)

vol.1  pp.273-276  
Modeling and simulation of conducted emission for VLSI Ics
M. Schmidt*, H. Kohne*, T. Steinecke**, W. John* and H. Reichl*, *Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Mikrointegration, **Infineon Technologies AG, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(532K)

vol.1  pp.277-280  
Analysis of crosstalk between multiconductor transmission lines in arbitrary directions using a circuit- concept approach
S.W. Park, J.C. Ju, D.C. Park, Chungnam National University, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(253K)

vol.1  pp.281-284  
Long-line effects for multi-conductor lines embedded in an inhomogeneous medium
O. Makino, F. Xiao and Y. Kami, The University of Electro- Communications, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(283K)

vol.1  pp.285-288  
On the characterization and measurement of induced crosstalk in microstrip lines: A two line, 50 ohm, 1m case of study
V. Gonzalez, J. Martos, E. Sanchis, J. Soret, G. Torralba, J. Torres and A. Valero, University of Valencia, Spain 
Full Text:PDF(156K)

vol.1  pp.289-292  
Frequency selective shielding screen by the use of artificial media
T. Iwai* and K. Hatakeyama**, *Sumitomo Electric Industries Inc., **Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(262K)

vol.1  pp.293-296  
Modelling techniques for the calculation of the shielding effectiveness of equipment cabinets
C. Christopoulos, J. D. Paul and V. Podlozny, University of Nottingham, UK 
Full Text:PDF(223K)

vol.1  pp.297-300  
Development of ingredients for electromagnetic wave absorbing pavement
T. Kunishima*, A. Saito** and T. Aoyagi***, *Takenaka Road Construction Co. Ltd., **Daido Steel Co. Ltd., ***Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(227K)

vol.1  pp.301-304  
A new EM-wave absorber using functional electro- magnetic cell material
Y. Kotsuka and M. Amano, Tokai University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(307K)

vol.1  pp.305-308  
Development of a thin, wave-absorbing glass using divided conductive films
K. Yamanaka*, K. Harakawa*, M. Masakage**, M. Togashi*** and Y. Hashimoto****, *TAKENAKA Corporation, **Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., ***Nippon Sheet Glass Environment Amenity Co., Ltd., ****TDK Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(310K)

vol.1  pp.309-312  
GHz conducted noise suppressors using NiZn ferrite films plated at 90: directly onto printed circuit boards
K. Kondo*, T. Chiba*, H. Ono*, S. Yoshida*, Y. Shimada**, N. Matsushita*** and M. Abe***, *NEC Tokin Corporation, **Tohoku University, ***Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(268K)

vol.1  pp.313-316  
Development of composite Sr ferrite EM wave absorbers for GHz frequency
J.M. Song, S.J. Shin, S.H. Moon, Y. Yun and D.I. Kim, Korea Maritime University, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(507K)

vol.1  pp.317-320  
The use of new composite absorbing materials in the construction of grid absorbers
A.A. Vogt*, H.A. Kolodziej* and A.E. Sowa**, *University of Wroclaw, **Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland 
Full Text:PDF(155K)

vol.1  pp.321-324  
A method for measuring reflection distribution of the electromagnetic wave absorber by scalar inverse scattering
A. Kohmura*, T. Hasegawa** and T. Iwasaki*, *The University of Electro-Communications, **National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(386K)

vol.1  pp.325-328  
Study on effectiveness of wave absorbers for 5.8 GHz DSRC applications on express highway
R.K. Pokharel*, M. Toyota** and O. Hashimoto*, *Aoyama Gakuin University, **Japan Highway Public Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(506K)

vol.1  pp.329-332  
Influence of a reference plate in evaluation of an electromagnetic wave absorber by free space method
T. Aoyagi*, A. Saito** and A. Nishikata*, *Tokyo Institute of Technology, **Daido Steel Co. Ltd., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(212K)

vol.1  pp.333-336  
Electromagnetic shielding characteristics by conducting elliptic cylinder coated with lossy absorber of complex permeability
Y. Miyazaki*, T. Masuda** and N. Goto***, *Aichi University of Technology, **Synclayer Inc., ***Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(564K)

vol.1  pp.337-340  
RF integrated noise suppressor on CPW using ferromagnetic resonance and eddy current loss
K.H. Kim*, S. Ohnuma** and M. Yamaguchi*, *Tohoku Univerisity, **The Research Institute for Electric and Magnetic Materials, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(275K)

vol.1  pp.341-344  
The test phantom for implantable medical device to estimate the impact from RF EMF
K.Ohshita*, Y. Tarusawa*, S. Uebayashi* and T. Nojima**, *NTT DoCoMo, Inc., **Hokkaido University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(306K)

vol.1  pp.345-348  
Medical electronic equipment safety in hospital environments with wireless communication systems
E. Hanada* and T. Kudou**, *Shimane University Hospital, **Oita University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(387K)

vol.1  pp.349-352  
Electromagnetic interference in implantable cardiac pacemaker and cardioverter defibrillator
T. Toyoshima, Medtronic Japan 
Full Text:PDF(392K)

vol.1  pp.353-356  
Broadband calculable dipole antenna 25 MHz to 2.2 GHz
M. Alexander, B. Loader and M. Salter, National Physical Laboratory, UK 
Full Text:PDF(438K)

vol.1  pp.357-360  
Calibration and application of wideband hybrid antennas
M. Stecher and B. Klos, Rohde & Schwarz, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(332K)

vol.1  pp.361-364  
Calibration of EMI antennas in the VHF band with antenna impedance measurements
K. Fujii*, S. Kaketa*, A. Sugiura*, Y. Matsumoto* and Y. Yamanaka**, *Tohoku University, **Communication Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(304K)

vol.1  pp.365-368  
On de-embedding antenna baluns from site attenuation measurements
Z. Chen, ETS-Lindgren, USA 
Full Text:PDF(296K)

vol.1  pp.369-372  
Calculation of the measurement uncertainty for the field strength measurement system Field Nose
A. Kriz, W. Mullner and H. Garn, ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, Austria 
Full Text:PDF(339K)

vol.1  pp.373-376  
Development and traceability of metrological standards on radio frequency and EM field in NMIJ
K. Komiyama, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(351K)

vol.1  pp.377-380  
Estimation of multiple coherent source locations using signal subspace fitting technique combined with SPM method
Y. Yoshimoto*, K.Taira*, K. Sawaya*,** and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(239K)

vol.1  pp.381-384  
Estimation of short range multiple coherent source locations by using MUSIC algorithm
T. Kato*, K. Taira*, K. Sawaya***, R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(218K)

vol.1  pp.385-388  
Estimation of source location of leakage field from transformer-type microwave oven
K. Taira*, T. Kato*, K. Sawaya*,**, and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(275K)

vol.1  pp.389-392  
Localization and visualization of low-frequency electromagnetic sources
K. Ishibana*, S. Yagitani*, I. Nagano*, M.Kawauchi*, Y. Yoshimura**, H. Hayakawa*** and K. Tsuruda***, *Kanazawa University, **Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa, ***Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(185K)

vol.1  pp.393-396  
Estimation of EM source location in urban area by using ray-tracing method and MUSIC algorithm
T. Nogami, Q. Chen and K. Sawaya, Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(335K)

vol.1  pp.397-400  
Antenna near-field measurement with an optical RF field sensor
W. Liang*, W.-J. Tseng, W.-T. Shay and M.S. Huang, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan 
Full Text:PDF(579K)

vol.1  pp.401-404  
Numerical and experimental near field distributions in high-frequency planar circuits
T. Hiraoka*, Y. Neishi*, T. Anada*, M. Honjoh**, F. Eriguchi** and C. Christopoulos***, *Kanagawa University, **Nitto Electric Ltd., Japan, ***Nottingham University, UK 
Full Text:PDF(600K)

vol.1  pp.405-408  
Magnetic near-field distribution measurements above a patch antenna using an optical waveguide probe
M. Takahashi*, H. Ota*, K. Arai*,** and R. Sato*, *Sendai EMC Research Center, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(485K)

vol.1  pp.409-412  
Measuring the impact of in-vehicle-generated EMI on VHF radio reception in an unshielded environment
K. Chamberlin and M. Khankin, University of New Hampshire, USA 
Full Text:PDF(101K)

vol.1  pp.413-416  
Reconstruction of electric-field waveform radiated from UWB device by using the complex antenna factor
S. Ishigami and Y. Yamanaka, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(167K)

vol.1  pp.417-420  
Characteristic measurement of transient current injected by air discharge of an ESD-gun
I. Mori*, O. Fujiwara*, S. Ishigami** and Y. Yamanaka**, *Nagoya Institute of Technology, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(401K)

vol.1  pp.421-424  
Uncertainty estimation by calibration of ESD simulators
J. Sroka, Schaffner EMC Ltd, Switzerland 
Full Text:PDF(275K)

vol.1  pp.425-428  
A model of electrostatic discharge as electromagnetic radiation source
L. Hamada, T. Sugiyama and T. Iwasaki, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(205K)

vol.1  pp.429-432  
Characterization of fields radiated from structures excited by ESD using passive sensors
G. Cerri, R. De Leo, S. Pennesi, V. M. Primiani and P. Russo, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(379K)

vol.1  pp.433-436  
FDTD simulation of electromagnetic fields due to spark between charged metal bars with ferrite core attachment
S. Taira and O. Fujiwara, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(319K)

vol.1  pp.437-440  
Reproducibility of the destruction effects in integrated circuits
M. Camp and H. Garbe, University of Hannover, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(1M)

vol.1  pp.441-444  
6GHz time domain measurement of transition duration due to small gap discharge as ESD
K. Kawamata*, S. Minegishi** and A. Haga**, *Hachinohe Institute of Technology, **Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(291K)

vol.1  pp.445-448  
A new technique for increasing efficiency of cyclonic dust trap using electrostatic field
P. Kotchapoom*, W. Tasnangkura**, P. Kerdonfag**, S. Potivejkul*, W. Khan-ngern*, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, **Mahanakorn University of Technology, Thailand 
Full Text:PDF(386K)

vol.1  pp.449-452  
Prediction and mitigation of low frequency magnetic fields caused by electrified railway lines
D. Wurgler, ENOTRAC AG, Switzerland 
Full Text:PDF(373K)

vol.1  pp.453-456  
Overview of the introduction of a new traction power supply system in the Netherlands
G.-J. van Alphen, E. Smulders and M. Janssen, Holland Railconsult, The Netherlands 
Full Text:PDF(323K)

vol.1  pp.457-460  
Magnetic field measurement method for railway
T. Mizuma, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(162K)

vol.1  pp.461-464  
Some activities on EMC of railway in Japan
T. Watanabe and I. Watanabe, Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(144K)

vol.1  pp.465-468  
Experimental analysis of a uniform multi-conductor line above soil for modeling a railway line
A. Cozza*,**,*** F. Canavero*, B. Demoulin**, J.M. Bodson***, V. Sabate****, J.M. Vanzemberg*****, *Politecnico di Torino, Italy, **Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, ***Alstom Transport, ****Consultant CEM for Alstom Transport, *****Centre d'Essai Ferroviaire, France 
Full Text:PDF(276K)

vol.1  pp.469-472  
Characterization of AT railway traction power supply, measurement system and results
A.P.J. van Deursen* , H.W.M. Smulders**, R.A.A. de Graaff***, J.B.M. van Waes**, *Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, **Holland Railconsult, ***Kema, Arnhem, The Netherlands 
Full Text:PDF(234K)

vol.1  pp.473-476  
Test activity to assess EMC between Italian 25 kV - 50 Hz and 3 kV DC lines
P. Betti, D. Carillo, P. Masini and E. Mingozzi, Trenitalia S.p.A., Italy 
Full Text:PDF(311K)

vol.1  pp.477-480  
Statistical characterization of rolling stock magnetic field emissions
D. Bellan*, A. Gaggelli** and S.A. Pignari*, *Polytechnic of Milan, **Trenitalia S.p.A., Italy 
Full Text:PDF(125K)

Volume 2

vol.2  pp.481-484  
Microelectronic EMC system design for high density interconnect and high frequency environment
W. John, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro- integration, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(599K)

vol.2  pp.485-488  
Three-wire analysis model to predict SI and EMC effects
E. Engin*, M. Coenen**, H. Koehne*, G. Sommer* and W. John*, *Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, Germany, **Philips Digital Systems Laboratories Eindhoven, The Netherlands 
Full Text:PDF(173K)

vol.2  pp.489-492  
Radiation mechanisms for semiconductor devices and packages
T. Hubing, D. Beetner, S. Deng and X. Dong, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA 
Full Text:PDF(439K)

vol.2  pp.493-496  
EMC macro-model (LECCS-core) for multiple power- supply pin LSI
K. Nakamura*,**, T. Toyota**, O. Wada**, R. Koga** and N. Kagawa***, *Denso Corporation, ** Okayama University, ***Fukuyama University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(325K)

vol.2  pp.497-500  
EMC macro-model with I/O ( LECCS-I/O) for multi-bit drives
H. Osaka*,**, D. Tanaka**, O. Wada** and R. Koga**, *Hitachi Ltd., **Okayama University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(392K)

vol.2  pp.501-504  
Electromagnetic interference among cables and interconnections: approximations through hierarchical graphs
P. Besnier, Institute for Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes ( IETR), France 
Full Text:PDF(341K)

vol.2  pp.505-508  
Balanced TLM and coupling model for analysis of power/ground resonance, noise coupling, and edge radiation
J. S. Pak*, J. Park*, H. Kim*, H. Lee**, C.-S. Choi** and J. Kim, *KAIST, **Samsung Electronics, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(286K)

vol.2  pp.509-512  
Model order reduction techniques for simulation of electromagnetic systems with RLC circuits
T. Watanabe* and H. Asai**, *University of Shizuoka, **Shizuoka University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(349K)

vol.2  pp.513-516  
The use of network-parameter-based identification techniques for reduced order EMC modeling
R. Neumayer*, A. Stelzer*, W. Eurskens** and R. Weigel***, *JK University Linz, Austria, **Infineon Technologies AG, ***Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(354K)

vol.2  pp.517-520  
Coupling of open and shielded tracks on printed circuit boards
A. P.J. van Deursen and S. Kapora, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands 
Full Text:PDF(296K)

vol.2  pp.521-524  
Macromodeling of lossy and dispersive multiconductor transmission lines
F. Canavero and S. Grivet-Talocia, Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(277K)

vol.2  pp.525-528  
A frequency-dependent transmission-line simulator using S-parameters
J. E.. Schutt-Aine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 
Full Text:PDF(139K)

vol.2  pp.529-532  
Modeling techniques for the accurate simulation of interconnects
C. Christopoulos, P. Sewell and Y. K. Choong, University of Nottingham, UK 
Full Text:PDF(115K)

vol.2  pp.533-536  
A comparison between radiation and ohmic losses in highly-conducting interconnects for high-speed applications
A. Maffucci*, G. Miano** and F. Villone*, *Universita di Cassino, **Universita di Napoli Federico II, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(145K)

vol.2  pp.537-540  
Transient analysis of differential interconnects by SPICE- like circuits accounting for frequency-dependent losses
R. Araneo, S. Celozzi and F. Maradei, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(180K)

vol.2  pp.541-544  
RF EM susceptibility analysis of high-speed circuits using MOM combining with circuit-based method
W. Yuan and E. Li, Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore 
Full Text:PDF(350K)

vol.2  pp.545-548  
Distributed modeling of on-chip power distribution networks using conformal mapping and FDTD method
J. Mao*, M. Swaminathan* and J. Libous**, *Georgia Institute of Technology, **IBM, USA 
Full Text:PDF(214K)

vol.2  pp.549-552  
The process of evaluation of potential human health effects from radio frequency (RF) energy exposure
J. Morrissey and M. Swicord, Motorola Labs, USA 
Full Text:PDF(60K)

vol.2  pp.553-556  
Expected exposures and safety concerns from pervasive computing
N. Kuster and J. Frohlich, IT'IS Foundation and ETH Zurich, Switzerland 
Full Text:PDF(97K)

vol.2  pp.557-560  
Uncertainties of SAR-probe calibration and of SAR measurement for compliance tests of cellular phones
S. Watanabe*, Y. Miyota**, M. Takabe**, H. Asou**, Y. Ishii**, K. Satoh**, K. Fukunaga*, A. Suzuki*, I. Sugiyama*, I. Nishiyama*, T. Shinozuka* and Y. Yamanaka*, *Communications Research Laboratory, **NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(116K)

vol.2  pp.561-564  
General method of formulating the human tissue simulant liquid for SAR measurement,
Y.M. Gimm, Dankook University, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(138K)

vol.2  pp.565-568  
A study on implantable cardiac pacemaker EMI from cellular radios in semi-echoic environments - FDTD analysis and experiments in actual train carriage
T. Hikage*, T. Nojima*, S. Watanabe** and T. Shinozuka**, *Hokkaido University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(503K)

vol.2  pp.569-572  
Microwave antenna for minimally invasive thermal therapy
A. S. Mohan and H.M. Chiu, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia 
Full Text:PDF(234K)

vol.2  pp.573-576  
The influence of a phantom shell on SAR measurement in the higher frequency range (3-6GHz)
T. Onishi and S. Uebayashi, NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(264K)

vol.2  pp.577-580  
A study on the solid phantoms for 3-6 GHz and evaluation of SAR distributions based on the thermographic method
R. Ishido*, T. Onishi**, K. Saito*, S. Uebayashi** and K. Ito*, *Chiba University, **NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(263K)

vol.2  pp.581-584  
A new method for realizing local exposure to young rat heads using electric flux concentration for bio-effect test of mobile telephones
J. Wang and O. Fujiwara, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(495K)

vol.2  pp.585-588  
Human body impedance for contact current measurement in Japan
Y. Kamimura*, K. Komori*, M. Shoji*, Y. Yamada*, S. Watanabe**, and Y. Yamanaka**, *Utsunomiya University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(229K)

vol.2  pp.589-592  
Thermal field analysis for in vitro exposure apparatus in rectangular waveguide with transversal slits
R. Tokunaga, Y. Suzuki, T. Tanaka and M. Taki, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(132K)

vol.2  pp.593-596  
Statistical measurement of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields in a fusion experimental facility
J. Wang*, O. Fujiwara* and T. Uda**, *Nagoya Institute of Technology, **National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(304K)

vol.2  pp.597-600  
Novel specific absorption rate measurement method using flat-plane solid phantom -Absolute SAR value and arrayed probes-
T. Iyama*, T. Onishi*, S. Uebayashi* and T. Nojima**, *NTT DoCoMo, Inc., **Hokkaido University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(544K)

vol.2  pp.601-604  
Correlation of maximum temperature increase and peak SAR in the child and adult head models due to dipole antenna
M. Fujimoto*, A. Hirata*, J. Wang**, O. Fujiwara** and T. Shiozawa*, *Osaka University, **Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(364K)

vol.2  pp.605-608  
Visualization of three-dimensional electromagnetic power absorption using gel containing capsulate liquid crystal
M. Baba*, A. Ishii*, Y. Suzuki*, S. Watanabe** and M. Taki*, *Tokyo Metropolitan University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(131K)

vol.2  pp.609-612  
Equivalent circuit expression of dual TEM cell apparatus for shielding material evaluation
A. Nishikata*, R. Saito* and Y. Yamanaka**, *Tokyo Institute of Technology, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(185K)

vol.2  pp.613-616  
Calculating shielding loss due to a gap between radio wave shield concrete walls
Y. Kasashima and T. Esaki, Kajima Technical Research Institute, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(178K)

vol.2  pp.617-620  
Screening attenuation of coaxial cables measured in GTEM-cells
A. Knobloch and H. Garbe, University of Hannover, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(387K)

vol.2  pp.621-624  
Measurement technique for the shielding effectiveness of symmetric enclosures with the use of the image theory
U. Paoletti*, H. Garbe** and W. John***, *University of Paderborn, **University of Hanover, ***Fraunhofer IZM, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(212K)

vol.2  pp.625-628  
Measurement of electric parameters for thin materials
T. Tosaka*, I. Nagano*, S. Yagitani* and Y. Yoshimura**, *Kanazawa University, **Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(331K)

vol.2  pp.629-632  
Reduction characteristics of electromagnetic penetration through narrow slots in conducting screen by wire array loading
S.M. Lim, G.H. Jung and K.C. Kim, Yeungnam University, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(228K)

vol.2  pp.633-636  
Electromagnetic shielding evaluation of conductive O-rings
S. Yamamoto*, K. Hatakeyama*, K. Yamauchi* and T. Yamada**, *Himeji Institute of Technology, **NOK Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(334K)

vol.2  pp.637-640  
CEM code validation using infrared thermograms
J. Norgard and R. Musselman, US Air Force Academy, USA 
Full Text:PDF(187K)

vol.2  pp.641-644  
Insertion loss measurement of EMI suppression ferrite cores
K. Fujii, Y. Dowaki, Y. Jito, Y. Matsumoto and A. Sugiura, Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(326K)

vol.2  pp.645-648  
Liquid material's complex permittivity measurement using a rectangular waveguide and a dielectric tube at 800 and 900MHz band
Y. Kuriyama*, N. Ueda*, A. Nishikata*, K. Fukunaga**, S. Watanabe** and Y. Yamanaka**, *Tokyo Institute of Technology, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(208K)

vol.2  pp.649-652  
A study on the estimation of the complex permittivity for interior building materials
K. Kimura* and O. Hashimoto**, *Fujita Corporation, **Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(102K)

vol.2  pp.653-656  
A practical antenna calibration method in quasi-free space
A. Maeda*, S. Takeya*, S. Kobayashi**, R. Watanabe*, J. Kawano*, S. Ohtsu*** and T. Yamagajo***, *VCCI, **Akzo Nobel K.K, ***Fujitsu Limited, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(168K)

vol.2  pp.657-660  
Evaluation of uncertainty in free-space antenna factor calibration in CRL
M. Sakasai*, H. Masuzawa*, K. Koike** and T. Shinozuka*, *Communications Research Laboratory, **Telecom Engineering Center, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(309K)

vol.2  pp.661-664  
Estimation of radiated power of radio transmitters using a reverberation chamber
T. Sugiyama, T. Shinozuka, Y. Makita and K. Iwasaki, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(286K)

vol.2  pp.665-668  
TDR analysis of radiation impedance for a monopole antenna
Y. Tanizawa*, J. Wang** and O. Fujiwara**, *Mie Science and Technology Promotion Center, **Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(245K)

vol.2  pp.669-672  
Development of the new characteristic impedance measurement method using the sinusoidal wave TDR
T. Takahashi, T. Sakusabe and N. Shibuya, Takushoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(427K)

vol.2  pp.673-676  
Radiated electric field characteristics of a monopole antenna using the optical feeding method,
S. Nabekura, R. Amemiya, Y. Okano and M. Tokuda, Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(303K)

vol.2  pp.677-680  
Improved absorbing boundary condition for TEn0 multi- mode rectangular waveguide analysis using FDTD method
Y. Kusama, S. Ozaki and O. Hashimoto, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(330K)

vol.2  pp.681-684  
Analysis of broadband wireless communication using parallel FDTD simulations on urban areas
G. Rodriguez*, Y. Miyazaki** and N. Goto*, *Toyohashi University of Technology, **Aichi University of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(340K)

vol.2  pp.685-688  
3-D radar imaging by a passive electric field sensor
M. Sato and E. Igarashi, Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(179K)

vol.2  pp.689-892  
Antenna position optimal design for reducing interference
Y. Qiu, J. Yuan, J. Tian and Y.J. Xie, Xidian University, China 
Full Text:PDF(211K)

vol.2  pp.693-696  
Prediction and assessment on environments of urban high-power electromagnetic radiant point
P. Liu*, J. Wang*, Y. Xie*, F. Song**, R. Zang** and Y. Huang***, *Dalian University of Technology, **Center of Beijing Radiant Environment Management, China, ***University of Liverpool, UK 
Full Text:PDF(372K)

vol.2  pp.697-700  
Quantification of influential factor to ELF magnetic field distribution around electric power installation
K. Kato*, A. Matsumoto**, M. Shimizu** and H. Okubo*, *Nagoya University, **Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(306K)

vol.2  pp.701-704  
The EMI study of self-resonant frequency effect on a Cuk converter
P. Boonma*, V. Tarateeraseth*, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, ** Salesian Polytechnice, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(270K)

vol.2  pp.705-708  
LEMP effects on control cables in high-voltage substations
A.W. Sowa and J. Wiater, Bialystok Technical University, Poland 
Full Text:PDF(238K)

vol.2  pp.709-712  
The preliminary analysis upon the movement behavior of electrons in pulsed vacuum arc
Y. Shen*, Y. Gao* and S. Chen**, *Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, **Wuhan University, China 
Full Text:PDF(219K)

vol.2  pp.713-716  
Radiated electromagnetic field from a solar cell for CISPR radiated emission measurement method
T. Mori*, M. Shigenaga*, M. Tokuda*, S. Suenaga**, H. Igarashi** and K. Asami**, *Musashi Institute of Technology, **Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(304K)

vol.2  pp.717-720  
Output voltage ripple reduction of a high power factor mode operated isolated charge-pump AC/DC converter
M. Sippola, Schaffner electroferrum oy, Finland 
Full Text:PDF(343K)

vol.2  pp.721-724  
Conducted EMI circuits modeling during transient phenomena on three phase full-bridge PWM inverters
K. Karanun*, W. Khan-ngern** and S. Nitta***, *Electrical and Electronics Institute, **King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, ***Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(234K)

vol.2  pp.725-728  
Analysis of noise current cancellation mechanism in balanced boost switching converter
M. Shoyama, T. Tsumura, G. Li, and T. Ninomiya, Kyushu University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(408K)

vol.2  pp.729-732  
Electromagnetic topology technique for system interaction through small apertures
J. Agee*, P. Kirawanich**, R. Gunda**, N. Kranthi**, J. Kroenung** and N. Islam**, *Air Force Office of Scientific Research, **University of Missouri, USA 
Full Text:PDF(180K)

vol.2  pp.733-736  
Use of periodical and quasi-periodical structures for reducing electromagnetic disturbances
A.S. Adalev*, N.V. Korovkin** and M. Hayakawa*, *The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, **Otto-von- Guericke-University, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(354K)

vol.2  pp.737-740  
Optimization of EMC-properties of a symmetric multithread 3-phase cable
N.V. Korovkin*, A.A. Potienko** and M. Hayakawa***, *Otto- von-Guericke-University, Germany, **St-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia, ***The University of Electro- Communications, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(208K)

vol.2  pp.741-744  
ULF geomagnetic changes associated with crustal activity
K. Hattori*, M. Hayakawa**, K. Yumoto***, T. Nagao**** and S. Uyeda****, *Chiba University, **The University of Electro- Communications, ***Kyushu University, ****Tokai University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(374K)

vol.2  pp.745-748  
Three-axial observation of ELF emissions and EM precursor of large-scale earthquakes in Japan
M. Hata, Chubu University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(371K)

vol.2  pp.749-752  
Air bubble movements and animal behavior as responses to electromagnetic signals before earthquakes: network monitoring of catfish
M. Ikeya, Y. Emoto, H. Asahara and C. Yamanaka, Osaka University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(216K)

vol.2  pp.753-756  
Anomalous behavior of Schumann resonance, possibly associated with Taiwan earthquakes
K. Ohta*, S. Hara*, N. Watanabe*, and M. Hayakawa**, *Chubu University, **The University of Electro-Communications, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(302K)

vol.2  pp.757-760  
Ionospheric perturbation associated with earthquakes, as studied by subionospheric VLF/LF propagation
M. Hayakawa* and O. A. Molchanov**, *The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, **Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russia 
Full Text:PDF(359K)

vol.2  pp.761-764  
Propagation anomaly in oversea TV broadcasting waves possibly related to earthquakes
T. Takano, K. Sakai, S. Ujigawa, H. Higasa, I. Nagashima, H. Akaike, Y. Kawamura, H. Nakata and S. Shimakura, Chiba University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(691K)

vol.2  pp.765-768  
Biological and health effects of ELF electromagnetic field
T. Shigemitsu, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(341K)

vol.2  pp.769-772  
Cellular and molecular effects of electromagnetic fields
J. Miyakoshi, Hirosaki University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(224K)

vol.2  pp.773-776  
Effects of 50 Hz magnetic field exposure on the body color and the urine quantity of goldfish
Y. Sawaguchi, K. Kimura, K. Misawa and J. Arisawa, Hokkaido Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(393K)

vol.2  pp.777-780  
Effect of ELF electrostimulation on function of macrophage
T. Shimooka, I. Fujii, M. Kagawa, T. Tatebe and K. Shimizu, Hokkaido University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(318K)

vol.2  pp.781-784  
Analysis of human perception of ELF electric field
H.O. Shimizu* and K. Shimizu**, *Hokkaido Institute of Technology, **Hokkaido University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(264K)

vol.2  pp.785-788  
Research on biological responses related to the effects of extremely low frequency electric fields
K. Ohsaki* and A. Hara*,**, *Hakuju Institute for Health Science Co., Ltd., **The Japan Home Health Apparatus Industrial Association, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(423K)

vol.2  pp.789-792  
Equivalent dipole estimation for characterization of magnetic fields and induced currents near household appliances (ELF to 100 kHz)
K. Yamazaki, T. Kawamoto, H. Fujinami and T. Shigemitsu, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(325K)

vol.2  pp.793-796  
Induced current inside of the human head in the vicinity of an electric shaver
Y. Kamimura*, T. Akutsu*, Y. Yamada* and K. Wake**, *Utsunomiya University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(377K)

vol.2  pp.797-800  
Development of smart voxel models of whole human- bodies for numerical dosimetry
S. Watanabe*, N. Hirose**, T. Nagaoka***, N. Hatakenaka****, Y. Tanaka*,*****, M. Takahashi******, Y. Suzuki*******, M. Taki*******, J. Wang********, O. Fujiwara******** and Y. Yamanaka*, *National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, **System Answer Co., ***Kitasato University, ****Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life, *****Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, ******Chiba University, *******Tokyo Metropolitan University, ********Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(307K)

vol.2  pp.801-804  
Numerical calculation of induced current densities in the human body due to intermediate frequency magnetic fields
Y. Suzuki*, K. Wake**, S. Watanabe*, M. Taki*, S. Watanabe** and Y.Yamanaka**, *Tokyo Metropolitan University, **Communications Research Laboratory, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(2M)

vol.2  pp.805-808  
Dielectric properties of liquid phantoms for evaluations of mobile phones
K. Fukunaga*, S. Watanabe*, Y. Yamanaka*, H. Asou**, Y. Ishii** and K. Sato**, *Communications Research Laboratory, **NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(178K)

vol.2  pp.809-812  
Analysis of induced current density inside grounded and ungrounded human model exposed to electric field
A. Chiba*, K. Isaka**, K. Shoukura* and T. Matsumoto***, *Yonago National College of Technology, **The University of Tokushima, ***Anan College of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(361K)

vol.2  pp.813-816  
Analysis of the electromagnetic fields around a two-wire parallel line basing on distributed circuit theory
H. Echigo and A. Ishikawa, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(238K)

vol.2  pp.817-820  
Solution method of Weber function of special coordinate system in electric field
P. Liu*, Y. Gao** and Y. Wang*, *Dalian University of Technology, **Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China 
Full Text:PDF(193K)

vol.2  pp.821-824  
Comparison of FDTD and ray-tracing method for site attenuation analysis of compact anechoic chamber
M. Kawabata*, Y. Ishida*, K. Shimada**, A. Kitani*** and N. Kuwabara***, *Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center, **Riken Eletech Corporation, ***Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(118K)

vol.2  pp.825-828  
An analytical solution to the eddy current problem of a conducting bar
L.O. Fichte, M. Ehrich and S. Kurz, Universitat der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Germany 
Full Text:PDF(108K)

vol.2  pp.829-832  
The analysis of impedance mismatch on the conducted EMI emission
W. Thammasiriroj*, S. Ruayariyasub*, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(298K)

vol.2  pp.833-836  
An analysis of the conducted EMI emission using the transient response model
S. Ruayariyasub*, W. Thammasiriroj*, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(134K)

vol.2  pp.837-840  
A study of PLC signal influence on VDSL system by induction between indoor power line and telecommuni- cation line
Y. Shimoduma*, A.K. M. Mahbub Ar Rashid*, N. Kuwabara*, Y. Akiyama** and H. Yamane**, *Kyushu Institute of Technology, **NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(274K)

vol.2  pp.841-844  
Radiated emission from PLC and electrical unbalance of an artificial power distribution line
N. Oka*, A. Konemori*, Y. Sasaki*, H. Fukushima*, M. Kato* and S. Nitta**, *Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(294K)

vol.2  pp.845-848  
Electromagnetic field near power line for a power line communication system
Y. Watanabe , M. Shigenaga and M. Tokuda, Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(339K)

vol.2  pp.849-852  
Two types of the LCL probe for measuring LCL on the power lines
Y. Ando, A. Konemori and N. Oka, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(288K)

vol.2  pp.853-856  
Measurement of static and ELF magnetic fields in a large magnetic fusion plasma experimental facility
T. Uda*, H. Obayashi*, H. Nakayoshi**, J. Wang*** and O. Fujiwara***, *National Institute for Fusion Science, **Nippon Kucho Service Co. Ltd., ***Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(342K)

vol.2  pp.857-860  
Characteristics of radiated-emission from slots on a personal computer above 1 GHz
K.B. Jung*, K.B. Ko*, S.M. Han**, Y.C. Chung*** and J.H. Choi*, *Hanyang University, **Advanced Materials & Integration Co., Ltd., ***Seokyeong University, Korea 
Full Text:PDF(487K)

vol.2  pp.861-864  
Controlling aperture resonance using novel coating techniques : theory, simulations and measurements
O.M. Ramahi and Lin Li, University of Maryland, USA 
Full Text:PDF(397K)

vol.2  pp.865-868  
The relationship among damped oscillation, f-z characteristics and conducted EMI of an induction cooking
J. Arthitthang*, V. Tarateeraseth* W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(189K)

vol.2  pp.869-872  
Measurements of magnetic fields produced by induction cooking heaters
K. Kamata* and A. Haga**, *Kagoshima National College of Technology, **Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(288K)

vol.2  pp.873-876  
The comparison of conducted EMI measurement between the small loop antenna and a conventional LISN
P. Khamphakdi*, J. Urabe**, W. Khan-ngern*, C. U-yaisom*, V. Tarateeraseth*, K. Fujii**, Y. Matsumoto** and A. Sugira**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(328K)

vol.2  pp.877-880  
Receiving characteristics of the electromagnetic interference on DC power supply line with inverter gate load
A. Yoshida*, T. Takahashi*, T. Sakusabe*, N. Shibuya*, A. Mutoh** and S. Nitta***, *Takushoku University, **Tokyo Fuji University, ***Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(283K)

vol.2  pp.881-884  
The study of magnetic field intensity and time variation effect on the rice growth
P. Sungkhaphun*, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(301K)

vol.2  pp.885-888  
Electric field direction affects on the growth of bean sprouts
P. Kiatgamjorn*, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta**, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, **Salesian Polytechic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(203K)

vol.2  pp.889-892  
Measurement and analysis of EM propagation in air radiated from a source put in fresh water
T. Kasuga*, E. Jinba*, M. Denda** and H. Inoue*, *Akita University, **Public Works Research Institute, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(339K)

vol.2  pp.893-896  
Electric field application: grass seed separation machine from broken milled rice by electric field technique
P. Kerdonfag*, C. Klinsa-ard**, S. Protivejkul** and W. Khan- ngern**, *Mahanakorn University of Technology, **King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand 
Full Text:PDF(217K)

vol.2  pp.897-900  
Evaluation of damage in DNA molecules by very low frequency magnetic fields using bacterial cells with bioluminescence gene
A. Haga*, Y. Kumagai*, H. Matsuki** and G. Endo*, *Tohoku Gakuin University, **Tohoku University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(226K)

vol.2  pp.901-904  
The study of bending effect on the growth of the primary root of rice caused by electric field
T.Rotcharoen*, P. Kerdonfag**, W. Khan-ngern* and S. Nitta***, *King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, **Mahanakron University of Technology, Thailand, ***Salesian Polytechnic, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(187K)

vol.2  pp.905-908  
Some lightning observation results obtained from broadband radio interferometers
R. Mardiana*, Z. Kawasaki** and T. Ushio***, *Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, **Osaka University, ***Osaka Prefecture University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(305K)

vol.2  pp.909-912  
Initiation and propagation characteristics of upward positive leaders
D. Wang, N. Takagi and T. Watanabe, Gifu University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(244K)

vol.2  pp.913-916  
The electric characteristics of thunderstorms and lightning discharges on the Tibetan Plateau
X. Qie, Y. Xie, T. Zhang, G. Zhang, W. Wei, H. Wang, and Y. Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 
Full Text:PDF(225K)

vol.2  pp.917-920  
New observations of transient luminous events from the space shuttle during the MEIDEX
Y. Yair*, C. Price**, P. Israelevich**, A. Devir** and B. Ziv*, *The Open University of Israel, **Tel-Aviv University, Israel 
Full Text:PDF(311K)

vol.2  pp.921-924  
VHF broadband interferometer and lightning monitoring
T. Morimoto and Z. Kawasaki, Osaka University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(273K)

vol.2  pp.925-928  
FORTE satellite observations of VHF radiation from lightning discharges
W. Junor, A.R. Jacobson, D. Suszcynsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA 
Full Text:PDF(477K)

vol.2  pp.929-932  
Analysis of the interactions between the cloud to ground electric field and a simple aircraft model for lightning concerns
M. Brenna, F. Martinelli and R.E. Zich, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(317K)

vol.2  pp.933-936  
Analysis of lightning discharge modeling in the Wavelet domain
E.A. Grimaldi, S. Marchi and R.E. Zich, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Full Text:PDF(311K)

vol.2  pp.937-940  
Lightning stepped leader numerical simulation
M. Andre da Frota Mattos, Okime Eletromagnetismo Aplicado, Brazil 
Full Text:PDF(91K)

vol.2  pp.941-943  
Effects of pulse noise propagation in electrical system
A. Worshevsky, Saint-Petersburg Marine Technical University, Russia 
Full Text:PDF(89K)

vol.2  pp.945-948  
A novel DOA estimation scheme for ultra-wideband electromagnetic waves
A. Hirata and Z. Kawasaki, Osaka University, Japan 
Full Text:PDF(257K)

vol.2  pp.949-952  
Measurement results of lightning surge current on AC mains line connected to access network equipment
J. Kato, T. Tominaga, K. Murakawa and H. Yamane, NTT Energy and Environment Systems Labs., Japan 
Full Text:PDF(448K)