Information and Systems-Neurocomputing(Date:2012/12/05)



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Appropriate shaping rewards in reinforcement learning by aggregating transported states

Shinnosuke Oka,  Kazushi Murakoshi,  

[Paper #]NC2012-74
The reinforcement learning method that introduced diversive curiosity to induce actions to unknown information.

Takeshi Nakahata,  Kazushi Murakoshi,  

[Paper #]NC2012-75
An Application of Dynamic Binary Networks: Learning of Switching Signals of Matrix Converters

Yuta Nakayama,  Toshimichi Saito,  

[Paper #]NC2012-76
Classification Function of Hierarchy ART-Map

Yusuke Okamoto,  Toshimichi Saito,  

[Paper #]NC2012-77
A numerical derivation of learning coefficient in radial basis function network

Satoru Tokuda,  Kenji Nagata,  Masato Okada,  

[Paper #]NC2012-78
Instabilities of spurious state with synaptic depression

Shin Murata,  Yosuke Otsubo,  Kenji Nagata,  Masato Okada,  

[Paper #]NC2012-79
Integrated Neuroprobe/Tube Arrays: Microdevices for Neural Interface

Takeshi Kawano,  

[Paper #]MBE2012-65,NC2012-80
Development of new device of neuronal development, by neuroscientist and engineer, for neuroscientists : *

Sachiko Yoshida,  Naohiro Hozumi,  

[Paper #]MBE2012-66,NC2012-81
Importance and necessity of integrated analysis of behavior - brain activity and electric stimulation system for freely moving animals

Tesuya Kimura,  

[Paper #]MBE2012-67,NC2012-82
Considering BMI rehabilitation techniques based on computational neuroanatomy of motor control

Jun Izawa,  

[Paper #]MBE2012-68,NC2012-83
Estimate the gradients of skew symmetric shapes using asymmetry of the shapes on a neural network model

Takashi Sugiura,  Kazushi Murakoshi,  

[Paper #]NC2012-84
An image restoration method using the similarity of the outline added to the similarity of pixel value

Yuichi Furuki,  Kazushi Murakoshi,  

[Paper #]NC2012-85
Distribution estimation of hyperparameters in Markov random field model

Yoshinori Ohno,  Kenji Nagata,  Hayaru Shouno,  Masato Okada,  

[Paper #]NC2012-86
Sparse Estimation of Spike-Triggered Average

Shimpei Yotsukura,  Toshiaki Omori,  Kenji Nagata,  Masato Okada,  

[Paper #]NC2012-87
Towards Analysis of Color Opponent Mechanisms in Retinal Outer Plexiform Layer by Multi-neuronal Recording

Nilton Liuji,  Tetsuhiro Harimoto,  Makoto Ishida,  Masahiro Yamada,  Shiro Usui,  

[Paper #]NC2012-88
Sign Language Recognition Considering the Spatial Location of the Via-points Based on the Minimum Jerk Model

Shinpei Igari,  Naohiro Fukumura,  

[Paper #]NC2012-89
Learning of Mahalanobis discriminant functions by a neural network : For non-normally distributed signals

Hiroyuki Izumi,  Yoshifusa Ito,  Cidambi Srinivasan,  

[Paper #]NC2012-90
Improvement of sound localization accuracy by correcting Head-Related Transfer Function based on aural characteristic

Yukinori Ohashi,  Kazushi Murakoshi,  

[Paper #]NC2012-91
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