Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Nonlinear Problems(Date:2013/01/17)



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Multilayer Perceptron Search Making Good Use of Singular Regions

Seiya SATOH,  Ryohei NAKANO,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-104,NC2012-94
Multilayer Perceptron Model Selection Using Sampling Utilizing Singularity Stairs Following

Takayuki OHWAKI,  Ryohei NAKANO,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-105,NC2012-95
Analysis of Medical Treatment Data using Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Hideki ASOH,  Masanori SHIRO,  Toshihiro KAMISHIMA,  Shotaro AKAHO,  Takahide KOHRO,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-106,NC2012-96
Control of the falling cat motion by using path-integral reinforcement learning

Daichi NAKANO,  Shin-ichi MAEDA,  Shin ISHII,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-107,NC2012-97
Significance of non-stationarity of dynamics for learning cooperative behavior

Akihiro TAWA,  Shin-ichi MAEDA,  Shin ISHII,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-108,NC2012-98
Depth Estimation from Microscopic Images Using Bayesian Inference

Yasuhiro IMOTO,  Shin-ichi MAEDA,  Shin ISHII,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-109,NC2012-99
Tensor Decomposition using Self-Organizing Map and Missing Data Estimation


[Paper #]NLP2012-110,NC2012-100
Study of quasi-Newton Training Algorithm on Parallel Distributed Environment

Makoto SAIKI,  Yoshihiko SAKASHITA,  Hiroshi NINOMIYA,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-111,NC2012-101
Text Classification Using Context-Tree Weighting Algorithm for Semi-Supervised Leaning

Tomohiro OBATA,  Manabu KOBAYASHI,  Yoshihiko SAKASHITA,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-112,NC2012-102
Probabilistic flows of inhabitants in urban areas and self-organization in housing markets of a city designated by ordinance

Takao HISHIKAWA,  Jun-ichi INOUE,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-113,NC2012-103
A probabilistic model of television commercial markets

Hiroyuki KYAN,  Jun-ichi INOUE,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-114,NC2012-104
Characterizing financial crisis by means of the three states random field Ising model

Mitsuaki MUROTA,  Jun-ichi INOUE,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-115,NC2012-105
Calculating finite-time Lyapunov exponents in time delayed dynamical systems

Kazutaka KANNO,  Atsushi UCHIDA,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-116,NC2012-106
Asynchronous Cellular Automata Based Hair Cell Models and their Fundamental Characteristics

Hironori ISHIMOTO,  Hiroyuki TORIKAI,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-117,NC2012-107
Life as a Dynamical System-Nonlinear Dynamics of Cultured Neural Networks-

Kazutoshi Gohara,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-118,NC2012-108
Insensitive Particle Swarm Optimizers and Application to Exploring Periodic Points

Kazuki MARUYAMA,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-119,NC2012-109
Hardware Implementation of the Inhibitory Connected Pulse Coupled Neural Network using FPGA

Masahiro YOSHIHARA,  Soichiro IKUNO,  Hiroaki KUROKAWA,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-120,NC2012-110
Rotation Angle Measurement System by Using Two Resonators and One Oscillator Including Printed Spiral Inductors.

Takahiro KUROKO,  Yuji TANADA,  Masayuki YAMAUCHI,  

[Paper #]NLP2012-121,NC2012-111
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