Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Complex Communication Sciences(Date:2020/06/05)

Early detection and prevention of combustion oscillations using a symbolic dynamics/machine learning-based approach

Kazuki Asami(TUS),  Shinga Masuda(TUS),  Hiroshi Gotoda(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-19,CCS2020-9
Nonlinear dynamics of a turbulent fire under high oxygen concentrations

Katsutoshi Utsugi(TUS),  Takumi Tokami(TUS),  Hiroshi Gotoda(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-20,CCS2020-10
Experimental demonstration of channel order recognition in wireless communications by laser chaos time series and confidence intervals

Mitsuhiko Shimomura(Univ. Tokyo),  Shungo Takeuchi(TUS),  Nicolas Chauvet(Univ. Tokyo),  Mikio Hasegawa(TUS),  Naruse Makoto(Univ. Tokyo),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-11,CCS2020-1
Analysis of generative adversarial network via numerical solutions of Lang-Kobayashi equation

Yota Maeda(Univ. Tokyo),  Nicolas Chauvet(Univ. Tokyo),  Kazutaka Kanno(Saitama univ.),  Atsushi Uchida(Saitama univ.),  Makoto Naruse(Univ. Tokyo),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-13,CCS2020-3
Koopman Mode Decomposition of 3D Temperature-field Data in a Room

Alexandre Ratieuville-Ogier(Osaka Pref. Univ.),  Yoshihiko Susuki(Osaka Pref. Univ./JST PRESTO),  Atsushi Ishigame(Osaka Pref. Univ.),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-21,CCS2020-11
Dynamically changing penalties method for Large-Scale multiple-Vehicle Bike Sharing System Routing Problem

Honami Tsushima(TUS),  Takafumi Matsuura(NIT),  Tohru Ikeguchi(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-14,CCS2020-4
Analysis of influence of network structure on information diffusion

Luyan XU(TUS),  Kazuya Sawada(TUS),  Yutaka Shimada(SU),  Tohru Ikeguchi(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-15,CCS2020-5
Analysis of Language Network for New Testament

Kihei Magishi(TUS),  Tomoko Matsumoto(TUS),  Yutaka Shimada(SU),  Tohru Ikeguchi(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-16,CCS2020-6
Note on the Discrete Fourier Transform on the Galois Extension Field GF(2^q)

Ryota Yamagata(Hiroshima City Univ.),  Ibuki Nakamura(Hiroshima City Univ.),  Hisato Fujisaka(Hiroshima City Univ.),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-17,CCS2020-7
An Analysis on Performance of Laser Chaos Decision Maker by the Method of Surrogate Data

Norihiro Okada(TUS),  Makoto Naruse(UTokyo),  Nicolas Chauvet(UTokyo),  Aohan Li(TUS),  Mikio Hasegawa(TUS),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-12,CCS2020-2
The electroencephalography and the effect of acetylcholine for it in hippocampal slices of the epileptic animals model.

Hirofumi Arai(Kyutech),  Blanco Negrete Salvador(Kyutech),  Rollyn Labuguen(Kyutech),  Tomohiro Shibata(Kyutech),  Kiyohisa Natsume(Kyutech),  

[Paper #]NLP2020-18,CCS2020-8