Communication-Network Systems(Date:2017/05/18)

A Proposal For Data Stream Transforming & Reserving Function in Accordance With Various Data Usages

Yuichi Takita(SECOM),  Yoshitaka Hamaishi(SECOM),  Yohei Kaieda(SECOM),  Naoki Higo(NTT),  Ryota Ishibashi(NTT),  Yoshiko Sueda(NTT),  

[Paper #]NS2017-14
A Proposal for the Distributary function to Assist Multi-purpose usages of Data-streams

Naoki Higo(NTT),  Ryota Ishibashi(NTT),  Yoshiko Sueda(NTT),  Yuichi Takita(SECOM),  Yoshitaka Hamaishi(SECOM),  Yohei Kaieda(SECOM),  

[Paper #]NS2017-15
[Invited Lecture] Fiscal 2016 Report of Research Trends in Technical Committee on Network Systems

Kazuya Tsukamoto(KIT),  Shohei Kamamura(NTT),  Hideki Maeda(NTT),  

[Paper #]NS2017-16
[Invited Talk] Technologies in IP backbone Networks

Takanori Iwai(NTT),  

[Paper #]NS2017-17
A Proposal of Modularity Enhancement Method to Reduce Catastrophic Forgetting for Neural Network Structuring Linked Open Data

Lu Chen(NEC),  Masayuki Murata(Osaka Univ.),  

[Paper #]NS2017-18
Metrics for IoMT Service Optimization on Widely Distributed Processing System Utilizing Edge Computing

Koichiro Amemiya(Fujitsu Labs./Univ. of Tokyo),  Kengo Sasaki(TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS./Univ. of Tokyo),  Akihiro Nakao(Univ. of Tokyo),  

[Paper #]NS2017-21
A Proposal of Scheduling to Improve QoS of Periodic Flows in Wireless Sensor Networks

Anh Huy Nguyen(Osaka Prefecture Univ.),  Yosuke Tanigawa(Osaka Prefecture Univ.),  Hideki Tode(Osaka Prefecture Univ.),  

[Paper #]NS2017-19
Per-Packet Throughput of Information-Leakage Through Content Names in NDN Interest Packets

Daishi Kondo(UL),  Thomas Silverston(NICT),  Hideki Tode(Osaka Prefecture Univ.),  Tohru Asami(Univ. of Tokyo),  Olivier Perrin(UL),  

[Paper #]NS2017-20