Special Session Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of IEICE at 2017 Joint Convention

In 2017, it is 100 years since IEICE was established. At the 100th anniversary, special projects commemorating the centenary will be held at the headquarter, the five societies, and regional sections. At Hokkaido Section, focusing on globalization activities and cooperation of Hokkaido Section, we will hold the special session for the 100th anniversary at 2017 Joint Convention as follows.


Oct 28, Sat, 2017, 13:00-14:30


493 lecture room, Future University Hakodate (Room G of 2017 Joint Convention)


Hiroshi Tsutsui, Yoshikazu Miyanaga (Hokkaido University)


  1. Opening from the Chair of IEICE Hokkaido Section
  2. IEICE Bangkok Section and Globalization Activities
    Prof. Supavadee Aramvith
    Chair of IEICE Thailand Section,
    Associate Professor, Chulalongkon University
  3. Panel Discussion on Globalization
    1. Global Activity of Future University Hakodate
      Prof. Masaaki Shirase, Future University Hakodate
    2. Global Activity of Kitami Institute of Technology
      Prof. Masakiyo Suzuki, Kitami Institute of Technology
    3. Global Activity of Muroran Institute of Technology
      Prof. Hideki Kawaguchi, Muroran Institute of Technology
    4. Open Discussion
      Prof. Yoshikazu Miyanaga, Hokkaido University