Regular Meeting in 2021

Date Place Themes Registration deadline
May 13, Tue Online confernece Radar, EW and general Program Joint w. AOC Japan Chapter EW technical committee
Participation fee
Jun 25, Fri. Online confernece Satellite technology, Space Science and General issue Program Participation fee
Jul 28, Wed. - Jul 30, Fri. Online confernece Remote sensing, Sattelite Communication, Radio propagation, Antennas and Propagation Program Joint w. AP, SAT
Participation fee
Aug 26, Thu - Aug 27, Fri Online confernece Positioning, navigation, Telecommunication, Uninhabited system and general Program Participation fee
Nov 11, Thu - Nov 12, Fri Online conference ICSANE 2021 Program Participation fee
Dec 16, Thu Chiba University and online confernece Radar, Remote Sensing and general issues Program Joint w. SeMIRES
Participation fee
Jan 18, Tue - Jan 19, Wed Electric Navigation Research Institute and online confernece Navigation, air traffic control, and general Program Participation fee
Feb 24, Thu - Feb 25, Fri Nahashi IT Souzou-Kan and online conference Satellite Application and General Open (~ Dec 6) Joint w. SAT
Participation fee

All meetings are co-organized with IEEE AES Japan Chapter.

The regular meeting is basically held on the last friday of every month.
Automatic registration system
is available for regular meetings.
Attendance fee will be charged.
Please follow "Participation Fee" link for payment.


Chair : Toshifumi Moriyama (Nagasaki Univ.)
Vice-Chair : Takeshi Amishima (Mitsubishi Electric), Makoto Tanaka(Tokai Univ.)

Secretary : Ryo Natsuaki(Univ. of Tokyo), Shunichi Futatsumori (ENRI)
Assistant Secretary : Takayuki Kitamura (Mitsubishi Electric)


Takayuki Kitamura (Mitsubishi Electric)

E-mail: Kitamura.Takayuki at
TEL +81-4-6741-2155