About the technical committee on Information Networks

The technical committee on IN focuses on ICT system and network technologies related to Information Networks. The committee holds regular conferences almost every month and also has annual workshops with technical committee on NS. It also organizes the international symposium (APSITT) and co-hosts other international conferences. The committee hosted over 200+ presentations and 1,200+ participants in the past year.

Major Topic Areas

  Major Topic Areas   Topics
 Information Network Architecture  Overlay Network/P2P, IPv6, Next Generation Network (NGN)/New Generation Network (NWGN)/Future Network, Ad-hoc Sensor Network (MANET), Home Area Network (HAN), Cloud/Data-Center Network, CCN/NDN/ICN, Smart Grid
 Information Network Service and Applications  Contents Delivery/Contents Exchange, Web Service/SOA/ROA Platform, Social Networking Service (SNS), Authentication/Identity Management, Green/Energy Saving ICT, In-Vehicle/Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Road-to-Vehicle Communication/ITS, High Performance Computing (HPC), Big-data Analysis/Cyber Physical System(CPS)
 Network QoS, Traffic Theory, Performance Analysis  Routing and Switching, Performance Analysis and Simulation, Network Science, Self-organized/Distributed Control, Quality of Service (QoS)/Quality of Experience (QoE) Control, TCP/IP / BGP / DNS, Traffic Engineering, HTTP/2
 Network Control, Operation and Management  Congestion Control, SDN (OpenFlow etc.)/NFV, Traffic/Flow Control, Session Management (SIP/IMS), M2M/IoT Communication Management, Disaster Response/Contingency Plan/BCP/Resilience, Application of Machine Learning and Information Theory on Networks, Nature Inspired Networks
 Implementation and Security Issues in Networked Systems  Network Reliability, Interoperability/Standardization, Security and Privacy, Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Cyber Attack Countermeasures