AWPT 2022 Asian Wireless Power Transfer Workshop December 5–6, 2022 | Kyoto, Japan

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Keynote Talk 2:
Wireless Power Transfer and Harvesting Platform (WPHP)

Dr. Muhammad Faeyz Karim
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Internet of Things (IoT) related products are growing at double digits per year and some estimations report a market value in the order of trillions of dollars in the next decade. A great technological paradigm shift is going to be pulled by the development of IoT; green materials, autonomous systems, self sustainable, ultralow-power circuits, energy saving protocols, and energy harvesting (EH) are concurrently mandatory. Limited device battery life has always been a key consideration as the frequent battery replacement/recharging is often costly due to the large number of sensor devices in use, and even infeasible in many critical and remote applications (e.g.,sensors embedded in structures and implanted medical devices etc). Energy harvesting technologies harnessing energy from ambient power sources, such as vibration, heat, and electromagnetic waves/wireless, have recently attracted significant attention, and numerous energy harvesting systems, including energy harvesting devices, topologies, and circuitries, have been developed for "zero-power" self-sustainable standalone electronics. The concept of wireless energy power transfer/harvesting has been proposed by Nikola Tesla and Heinrich Hertz: radiate wireless power to free space and convert the wireless power to usable direct current (dc) power. In this talk, I will review the prior arts and present the latest research done by my group in the area of wireless power transfer and energy harvesting.


Dr. Muhammad Faeyz Karim is a Senior Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is also an Assistant Director of Electrical Programme at Rolls Royce@ NTU corporate lab. Before joining NTU, he was a Deputy Department Head/Project Manager at Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore. He held a concurrent appointment as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS) from 2009-2017. He is a cofounder of a spinoff company, Wavescan Technologies Pte Ltd. Dr. Karim received his PhD and MSc degrees from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He also holds a MBA from Lancaster University, UK. He has published extensively in top-tier journals and conferences and also co-authored a book on "RF MEMS Switches and Integrated Switching Circuits". His research interest is in the broader area of microwave & millimeter wave for sensing, wireless power transfer and harvesting, RF MEMS devices, active/passive millimeter wave imaging systems, quantum phtonics sensing, tunable & reconfigurable filters, antenna miniaturization techniques, and passives modules & circuits, and radio-over-fiber technologies.

Dr. Karim was part of the committee involved in organizing international technical conferences like IEEE APMC 2019, ICIRT 2018, IEEE AWPT 2017, IEEE TENCON 2016, IEEE IMWS conference 2013 & Microwave Photonics Conference (MWP), 2011. Dr. Karim is an Associate Editor of Wiley’s Microwave & Optical Technology Letters (MOTL). He is Senior Member of IEEE and Chairman of IEEE Singapore Section.