We, the technical committee on Sensor Networks and Mobile Intelligence (SeMI), were newly established in April 2019 by integrating the technical committee on Ambient Intelligence and Sensor Networks (ASN) and the technical committee on Mobile Network and Applications (MoNA).

We cover technical fields related to research and development areas such as ubiquitous networks and mobile networks and lead to a new area based on mobile sensors. In detail, in addition to research and development on sensor technologies, we target mobility technologies, including connected cars, wearable technologies, and robots, and mobile ubiquitous computing that extracting valuable knowledge from collected sensor data.

We also provide opportunities for people who would like to present and discuss applications related to the intelligent environment cooperated with sensing, mobility, and computing technologies through networking technology.


Research Field

  1. Sensing
    • Mobile sensing/sensor, Sensing device, Embedded device, Image and acoustic sensing, Environment sensing, Vital sensing, Power/Energy saving, Battery-less, Energy harvesting
  2. Mobility
    • Connected car, Drone, Wearable, Mobility management, Robots, Automated driving/driver assist technology, Mobile  security, Behavior recognition, estimation, prediction, and control
  3. Mobile/Ubiquitous Computing
    • Edge/Fog/Cloud, Machine learning, Sensor fusion, Database, Cyber physical and intelligent environment, Swarm intelligence, Sensor and mobile data analysis/processing
  4. Sensor/Adhoc/Mobile Networks
    • IoT/IoE, Network virtualization, M2M/D2D, V2V/V2I/V2X. Content delivery network, Software defined networks, Information/Content centric network, Architecture and protocols
  5. Application
    • Smart mobility/ITS, VR/AR/Game, People-flow analysis/control, medical/healthcare/sports/education assist, Smart city, Smart house, Smart factory, Disaster prevention and reduction, Construction/Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries assist