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Technical Committee on Nonlinear Problems (NLP)

Chair: Hiroyuki Torikai (Hosei Univ.)
Vice Chair: Yuichi Tanji (Kagawa Univ.)
Secretary:  Daisuke Ito (Gifu Univ.) Hisashi Aomori (Chukyo Univ.),  
Assistant:  Yoshikazu Yamanaka (Utsunomiya Univ.) Eri Ioka (Shibaura Institute of Univ.),
Updated on Jan. 24, 2023
【Important】 This website address (URL) change

The web site of technical committee on NLP will be moved to http://www.ieice.org/nls/nlp after the renewal of IEICE web system.
You can also access to this site via redirect URL (http://www.ieice.org/~nlp) before and after the renewal.
Please update your bookmark with old URL (http://www.ieice.org/ess/nlp) to the redirect URL (http://www.ieice.org/~nlp) for your convenience.

Paper Recommendation System

The technical committee on NLP will select a small number of Recommended Papers.
Candidates are nominated by the technical committee on NLP.
The candidates are asked to present at the conference.
The selection is based on our Policy.

NLP Presentation Award

The technical committee on NLP will select a small number of Presentation Awards.

What's New!!

2023 NLP Schedule (Sort by: Date Ascending)

Apr., 2023  (Prorogation)  
May 12--13, 2023  Koriyama (Fukushima) Kenshin Koriyama Cultural Center [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Jun. 8--9, 2023  Setagaya (Tokyo)(Co-hosted by CCS) Tokyo City University [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Jul., 2023  (Prorogation)  
Aug., 2023  (Prorogation)  
Sep., 2023  (Prorogation)  
Oct. 6--7, 2023  Gifu (Gifu) Work plaza Gifu(Co-hosted by CAS)
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]
Nov., 2023  (Prorogation)  
Nov. 28--29, Dec., 2023  Nago (Okinawa) Nago city commerce and industry association [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Jan. 24-25, 2024  Naruto (Tokushima)(Co-hosted by NC, MBE, and MICT)Naruto University of Education
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]
Feb., 2024  (Prorogation)  
Mar., 2024  Minato-ku(Tokyo) (Co-hosted by MSS) Kikai Shinkou Kaikan [Call for papers]

2022 NLP Schedule (Sort by: Date Ascending)

Apr., 2022  Prorogation  
May, 2022  Prorogation  
Thu., Jun. 9–Fri., Jun. 10, 2022  Toyonaka(Osaka)Toyonaka Campus, Osaka Univ. (Hybrid) (Co-hosted by CCS)  [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Jul., 2022  Prorogation  
Tue., Aug. 2, 2022  Meguro-ku (Tokyo) Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Hybrid Full-Online) [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Sep., 2022  Prorogation  
Tue., Oct. 20–Fri., Oct. 21, 2022  Niigata (Niigata) Ekinan Campus, Niigata University (Hybrid) (Co-hosted by CAS) [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Tue., Nov., 24–Fri., Nov. 25, 2022  Kusatsu (Shiga) Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, Ritsumeikan Univ. (Hybrid) [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Dec., 2022  Prorogation  
Sat., Jan., 28–Sun., Jan. 29, 2023  Hakodate (Hokkaido) Future Univ. Hakodate (Hybrid) (Co-located by NC) [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Feb., 2023  Prorogation  
Wed., Mar., 15–Fri., Mar. 17, 2023  Nagasaki(Nagasaki)Bunkyo Campus, Nagasaki Univ (Hybrid) (Co-hosted by MSS) [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  

2021 NLP Schedule (Sort by: Date Ascending)

Apr., 2020 Prorogation  
May, 2020 Prorogation  
Fri., Jun. 11, 2021 and Sun., Jun. 13, 2021 Setagaya(Tokyo)Setagaya Campus, Tokyo City Univ. (Co-hosted by CCS)
Move online
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Jul., 2021 Prorogation  
Aug., 2021 Prorogation  
Sep., 2021 Prorogation  
Thu., Oct. 14, 2021 and Fri., Oct. 15, 2021 Hachinohe (Aomori) Hichinohe Institute of Technology or around there (Hybrid) (Co-hosted by CAS)
Move online
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Thu., Nov. 18, 2021 and Fri., Nov. 19, 2021 Sendai (Miyagi) Hiroshima (Hiroshima) Hiroshima School Building, Hiroshima Institute of Technology [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Dec., 2021 Oita (Oita) J:COM HorutoHall OITA [Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Fri., 21 Jan.--Sun., 23 Jan., 2022 Nakagami District (Okinawa) Univ. of the Ryukyus (Co-hosted by MBE・MICT and co-located by NC)
Move online
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Feb., 2022 Prorogation  
Mon., 28 Mar. and Tue., 29 Mar., 2022 Online (Co-hosted by MSS)
Sapporo(Hokkaido)Hokkaido Univ and online system (Hybrid)
Move online
[Call for papers] [Technical Program]  
Past Schedule (2001 -- 2020)

IEICE Events

Jun. 11, 2022  NOLTA Society Conference 2022 (Osaka University)
Sep. 6–9, 2022  IEICE Society Conference 2021(Tohoku University)
Mar. 7–10, 2023  IEICE General Conference 2023(Shibaura Institute of Technology)

International Conference Guide

Dec. 12–15, 2022  NOLTA 2022 (Online)

Registration Guide

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in PDF format through the Registration Page.
The important information appears in call for papers.

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to send an E-mail to yoshioka+at-mark+cis.sojo-u.ac.jp
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