MWP Symposium - 6-7 August, 2018 in Matsue -

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MWP Symposium

in Matsue, Japan

Important date
Poster registration deadlie: 30 June 2018 => 3 July 2018
Poster abstract deadline: 13 July 2018
Registration (Gala Dinner) deadline: 25 July 2018=> Extended to 30 July 2018
Exhibition application deadline: 6 July 2018
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  Registration Form
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About the symposium

Mobile communication services are indispensable in daily life to watch on-demand video streaming, to listen musics, to read news papers, and to share daily logs via social networking services. Coming 5G mobile and future wireless services will improve the connectivity and the functionality by increaase of capacities. In the era, converged technology of wireless (radio) and wireline (optical fiber) plays an important role to enhance the network connectivity. Microwave Photonics system will be a key for realization of convergence of the radio and optical technologies. This symposium focuses on MWP technologies for convergence of radio and optical technologies, future wireless services, vehicle applications, and other related technologies including the standardization activities. We hope that the symposium provides an opportunity to share recent technology and activities in this area and to discuss possible applications in future wireless services.


August 6 Monday and August 7 Tuesday


Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center)

1-2-1 Gakuen-Minami, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, 690-0826, Japan. (Google map)

List of accommodations is here (Shimane Prefecture Sightseeing Webpage).

For more information of Matsue, please visit "Visit Matsue" website.


  • Microwave photonics devices/systems
  • Radio over fiber devices/systems
  • Millimeter-wave and terahertz-wave devices, systems and applications
  • Free-space optics and visual light communication systems
  • Convergence technologies of radio and optical systems
  • Measurement technologies for future wireless services
  • Devices and systems for automotive applications
  • Short distance communication technologies
  • Radar, Lidar, and imaging applications


Please register for Gala Dinner tickets.

Registration form is here.

On-site registration WITHOUT GALA DINNER TICKETS is also available.

Registration deadline: 25 July 201830 July 2018 (Extended)

TYpe of registration Price
Pariticpant non-student JPY 3,000
Student JPY 1,000

* Please pay by CASH at the registration desk in the symposium.

Poster Session

We will invite any researchers/scientists/engineers and also company sales engineers to present your activities in the poster session assigned at August 6, 2018. All the presenters can submit 2-4-page abstract written in English by the procedure as follows. The panel size of the poster will be 120-cm-width and 180-cm-height (A0-size available).

To register and submit the paper, please visit the submission page (CLOSED) (Paper template MS-WORD .docx).

Deadline of the registration to present a poster: 30 June, 2018 => 3 July 2018 CLOSED.

Deadline of the abstract: 13 July, 2018 (for submission, please follow the instruction sent by email after registration). CLOSED

NOTE: The copyright of the submitted paper in the symposium is just belonged to the authors. However, the submission system problem makes the corresponding author check Assignment of Copyright Agreement (ACA) for processing the submission. Please safely ignore the ACA in the symposium.

Young Scientist Poster Award

In the poster session, any young scientists with their age less than 35 years old and including full-time university student, who is the first author as well as the presenting author of a paper submitted for poster presentation, can apply for the Young Scientist Poster Award (YSPA). Prize Winners will be selected by the MWP symposium Young Scientist Award Committee. The winners would be an IEICE member at the For application, please send the IDs (passport, photo ID, student ID) to show your age to the Secretary by 13 July, 2018.

Also, the applicant should be a member of IEICE after the symposium if the applicant is not a member of IEICE. Detail of regulation of the YSPA selection is here.

Program at a glance

  August 5 August 6 August 7
9:00   Registration  
9:40   Convergence of Radio and Optical technologies Poster session  
12:00   Lunch Break
(by your own)
13:20 Registration  
13:40 Future wireless services  
14:00 For vehicle applications
15:00 Core time
17:40   Gala dinner at Yushien Garden with YSPA ceremony  

Sponsored by NICT, Japan

Sponsored by IEICE MWP Technical Committee, Japan

Advanced program is now available here.

Invited speakers

Speakers in 1st Day "Convergence of radio and optical technolgoies" and "Future wireless services"

  • Prof. Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas (University of Melbourne, Australia)
    "VLC/FSO technology for future wireless services (TBD)"
  • Prof. Sevia M. Idrus (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)
    "Review on Energy Efficient Next Generation Passive Optical Network for Sustainable Green Communication Network Infrastructure"
  • Prof. Haiming Wang (Southeast University, China)
    "Key Technologies and Standardization for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Systems"
  • Dr. Pham Tien Dat (NICT, Japan)
    "Convergence of fiber-optic and radio-wave systems and applications to small-cell and linear-cell networks"
  • Dr. Hwan Seok Chung (ETRI, Korea)
    "Optical access technologies for 5G wireless networks"
  • Prof. Motoharu Matsuura (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
    "Power-over-fiber technologies for radio-over-fiber systems"
  • Prof. Ukrit Mangkon (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
    "Lightwave Vector Modulation with Digital Pre-Coding and Pre-Compensation"
  • Dr. Abdelmoula Bekkali (KDDI Research Inc., Japan)
    "High Capacity RoF Transmission Systems for Next Generation Mobile Fronthaul Networks"

Speakers in 2nd Day "For vehicle applications"

(Slide materials are in English, but talks in Japanese)

  • Dr. Manabu Kagami (Toyota Central R&D Lab., Japan)
    "Automotive optical Ethernet: Optical physical layer and standardization"
  • Prof. Shintaro Hisatake (Gifu University, Japan)
    "Asynchronous electrooptic field visualization for vehicle radar inspection"
  • Dr. Takamitsu Aiba (Yazaki Corporation, Japan)
    "Link performance of radio over multi-mode fiber for high SHF bands"
  • Mr. Kazuki Nakamura (Railway Technology Research Institute, Japan)
    "Current and future trend of wireless application in railway"
  • Mrs. Hanako Noda (Anritsu Corporation)
    "The Present Condition and the Prospects of the 300 GHz Spectrum Analysis Technology"
  • Dr. Yasuto Sumiya (Electronic Navigation Research Institute)
    "Trends of Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System"


MWP symposium exhibition will be co-located in the seminar hall.

Exhibition booth: JPY50,000 (1 poster panel with 1 desk)

Application form is here (Deadline: 6 July 2018; CLOSED).

If any interests, please feel free to ask us to join.

Gala Dinner

Gala dinner will be hold at Yushien Garden, where has a famous peony garden, at the night of 6 August. Fee is free for attendees of the symposium. Acompanying participants should pay JPY1,500 at the registration desk in 6 August. For preparation of the meals, please fill in the preregistraion form with a number of acompanying persons. Special meal request may be also available.


Technical co-sponsors


Dr. Atsushi Kanno (NICT), Secretary of IEICE MWP Technical Committee
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