Information and Systems-Natural Language Understanding and Models of Communication(Date:2002/12/12)



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A Study on Robust Speech Recognition by Using Distinctive Phonetic Feature Vectors

Takashi FUKUDA,  Wataru YAMAMOTO,  Tsuneo NITTA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-44
Normalizing the Acoustic Qualities of Monophones in an Utterance

Muhammad GHULAM,  Takashi FUKUDA,  Tsuneo NITTA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-45
Improvement of the ASR Robustness using Combinations of Spectral Subtraction and KLT based Adaptive Comb-filtering

Sung-Joon PARK,  Mikio IKEDA,  Kazuya TAKEDA,  Fumitada ITAKURA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-46
Noise Robust Speech Recognition Applied to Unsupervised Speaker Adaptation

Shingo YAMADE,  Akinobu LEE,  Hiroshi SARUWATARI,  Kiyohiro SHIKANO,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-47
Noise Robust Speech Recognition Using GMM Based Speech Estimation Method

Masakiyo FUJIMOTO,  Yasuo ARIKI,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-48
Singular Learning Machines in Pattern Recognition


[Paper #]NLC2002-49
Automatic Construction of HMM Structures by the MDL Criterion on the SSS Algorithm

Takatoshi JITSUHJRO,  Tomoko MATSUI,  Satoshi NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-50
Large Vocabulary ASR System based on the Hybrid HMM/BN model

Konstantin MARKOV,  Satoshi NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-51
Syllable-Based Acoustical Modeling for Japanese Spontaneous Speech Recognition

Jun OGATA,  Yasuo ARIKI,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-52

Takahiro SEO,  Jin'ichi MURAKAMI,  Satoru IKEHARA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-53
Isolated-word recognition with Filter Bank using Mora Position and Mora Length

Katsunori TANIGUCHI,  Jin'ichi MURAKAMI,  Satoru IKEHARA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-54
Vowel devoicing in Osaka dialect : Analysis of speech data from newspaper scripts

Masako FUJIMOTO,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-55
Preliminary Study about Cognitive Model of Japanese Speech

Toshie HATANO,  Yasuo HORIUCHI,  Akira ICHIKAWA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-56
Generating Rules to Understand Spontaneous User Input to an Impression-Based Music-Retrieval System

Tadahiko KUMAMOTO,  Kimiko OHTA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-57
A Study of Features for Speech/Music Discrimination

Toru TANIGUCHI,  Shigeki OKAWA,  Katsuhiko SHIRAI,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-58
Speech Analysis with Wavelet Transform : Its Application to Consonantal Feature Analysis in Chinese Mandarin

Nobuyuki Kawagashira,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-59
Improvement of Accuracy of Linear Prediction Analysis by Processing of the Variable Extension of Pitch Period and Processing of Windowing


[Paper #]NLC2002-60
A Construction of Noise Reduction Filter by Neural Network : Application for Digital Hearing Aid Appliance as Preprocessing

Toshie NAMIKI,  Yuki FURUMOTO,  Hiroki YOSHIMURA,  Tadaaki SHIMIZU,  Naoki ISU,  Kazuhiro SUGATA,  

[Paper #]NLC2002-61
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