Information and Systems-Data Engineering(Date:2019/12/23)

A Book Prediction Model Based on User's Book Arrangement and It's Evaluation

Tatsuya Miyamoto(Kogakuin Univ.),  Daisuke Kitayama(Kogakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-21
Generating Emotional Region and Text Represenations for Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis

Jiayi Zhao(Waseda U.),  Mizuho Iwaihara(Waseda U.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-24
Weakly Supervised Multi-label Text Classification

Jiaqi Feng(Waseda Univ.),  Mizuho Iwaihara(Waseda Univ.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-25
Identifying Topic Evolutionary Patterns Based on Component Decomposition of Temporal Sequence

Yingyi Zhou(Waseda U.),  Mizuho Iwaihara(Waseda U.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-26
A Study on Performance Model of an Analytical Parallel Database System with Dynamic Fault Tolerance

Yutaro Bessho(Univ. of Tokyo),  Yuto Hayamizu(Univ. of Tokyo),  Kazuo Goda(Univ. of Tokyo),  Masaru Kitsuregawa(Univ. of Tokyo),  

[Paper #]DE2019-28
A Study on Unit Testing Method of eMMC Storage Devices

Yoshinobu Nagase(JVCKENWOOD),  

[Paper #]DE2019-29
Quasi-Recurrent Neural Networksを用いた複合時系列データ予測

Yuichiro Sakazaki(univ. of Shizuoka),  Rin Adachi(univ. of Shizuoka),  Jun Rokui(univ. of Shizuoka),  

[Paper #]DE2019-32
A Trial of Long-term Operation Testing for Understanding Performance Deterioration Phenomenon in Recent HDDs

Hiroshi Sato(HIROTA),  Yoshinobu Nagase(JVCKENWOOD),  Kazuo Goda(UTokyo),  Hisao Ichimura(HIROTA),  Takayuki Yokoyama(MIKASA),  Masumi Okada(TOYO Corp.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-30
An Item Retrieval System based on Features of Fashion Items and Styles on Fashion SNS

Yuichi Chiken(Kogakuin Univ.),  Daisuke Kitayama(Kogakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-31

Ryoya Miyoshi(Future Univ Hakodate),  Taku Okuno(Future Univ Hakodate),  

[Paper #]DE2019-22
A Model-agnostic Recommendation Explanation System Based on Knowledge Graph

Yuhao Chen(Titech),  Jun Miyazaki(Titech),  

[Paper #]DE2019-23
A Study on Performance of Distributed Object Storage System

Shunpei Hayakawa(Kogakuin Univ.),  Saneyasu Yamaguchi(Kogakuin Univ.),  

[Paper #]DE2019-27