Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics(Date:2018/05/31)

A Consideration of Draft Revision of the Copyright Law Regarding Education and Forecasted Issues

Takahiro Haga(GSGU),  

[Paper #]SITE2018-1
A Study for Machine Learning on the Limitation on Copyright of Article

Naonori Kato(KDDI Research),  Masatomo Suzuki(Niigata Univ./RIKEN),  Yosuke Murakami(KDDI Research),  

[Paper #]SITE2018-2
Implementation and Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System for Malicious PC by Sensor Hosts

Hiroaki Kuno(KIT),  Satoshi Kimura(KIT),  Hiroyuki Inaba(KIT),  

[Paper #]SITE2018-4
Manuals vs Reality, Shelters operation for disaster

Kazuaki Naruse(Matsuyama Univ.),  

[Paper #]SITE2018-3