Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2012/01/19)



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[Paper #]
Temporal-Spatial Communication by Smart Voice Messaging in Nursing and Caregiving : Proposal of Information Supervisory Control

Naoshi UCHIHIRA,  Kentaro TORII,  Kunihiko HIRAISHI,  Sunseong CHOE,  Tetsuro CHINO,  Yuji HIRABAYASHI,  Taro SUGIHARA,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-54,SS2011-39
A Smartphone-based Programming Environment for a Physical Computing Platform

Yuka KAMIMURA,  Yoshiaki TAKATA,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-55,SS2011-40
Evaluation of Identification of Variables to Transform into Logarithmic in Cost Prediction

Kenta MIYOSHI,  Katsuma UBUKATA,  Takeshi KAKIMOTO,  Shinji KUSUMOTO,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-56,SS2011-41
Architectual Point Mapping for Bidirectional Traceability between Design and Code

Naoyasu UBAYASHI,  Yasutaka KAMEI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-57,SS2011-42
A Study for Bounded Model Checking of UML State Machines Using SMT Solvers

Hayato NIIMURA,  Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-58,SS2011-43
On Transforming Communication Diagrams to State Machines of cbUML and Their Formal Semantics

Yasuwo HASEGAWA,  Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-59,SS2011-44
On Polynomial Time Verification of Protocol Inheritance between Extended Free Choice Workflow Nets and Their Subnets

Tomohiro HIRAKAWA,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-60,SS2011-45
Automatic Generation of Non-linear Loop Invariants for Programs with Function Calls

Eiichi SUZUKI,  Toshiki SAKABE,  Masahiko SAKAI,  Keiichirou KUSAKARI,  Naoki NISHIDA,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-61,SS2011-46
On class of equation sets whose word problems are reducible to those of ground equation sets

Toshimitsu SAKAI,  Masahiko SAKAI,  Toshiki SAKABE,  Naoki NISHIDA,  Keiichirou KUSAKARI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-62,SS2011-47
On Rewriting Induction for Simply-typed Term Rewriting Systems

Akira OZEKI,  Keiichirou KUSAKARI,  Tsubasa SAKATA,  Naoki NISHIDA,  Masahiko SAKAI,  Toshiki SAKABE,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-63,SS2011-48
On Usable Rules under Argument Filterings in Higher-Order Rewrite Systems

Kazuhiro OOI,  Keiichirou KUSAKARI,  Masahiko SAKAI,  Toshiki SAKABE,  Naoki NISHIDA,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-64,SS2011-49
A Decomposition Approach to the Bi-Objective Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Evaluation

Hiroya INAMOTO,  Satoru HASHIZUME,  Tomoyuki YAJIMA,  Susumu HASHIZUME,  Katsuaki ONOGI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-65,SS2011-50
Towards Mathematical Foundation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Yuichi TAZAKI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-66,SS2011-51
Research Cases on Interval Constraint Programming : A Projection Method for Under-Constrained Problems and a Precise Simulation Method for Hybrid Systems

Daisuke ISHII,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-67,SS2011-52
Group Control of 2 Elevators for Peak Power Cut and Service Performance


[Paper #]MSS2011-68,SS2011-53
Control of Uncertain Networked Systems with Multiple Random Delays

Koichi KOBAYASHI,  Kunihiko HIRAISHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-69,SS2011-54
A Framework for Creating Automatically Software Requirements Specification to Meet Elicited User's Requirements

Shuhei MURAYAMA,  Hiroaki IIZUKA,  Fuminori HIROSE,  Takatoshi YAMANAKA,  Seiichi KOMIYA,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-70,SS2011-55
Analysis of Redundancy for Decentralized Failure Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems

Shuhei NAKATA,  Shigemasa TAKAI,  

[Paper #]MSS2011-71,SS2011-56
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