Communication-Energy Engineering in Electronics and Communications(Date:2016/11/28)

Activity Improvement of Titanium Oxide-based Catalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Cathodes

Mitsuharu Chisaka(Hirosaki Univ.),  Yusuke Yamamoto(Hirosaki Univ.),  Noriaki Itagaki(Hirosaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-30
Transformerless PWM Converter Integrating Voltage Equalizer for Battery and Photovoltaic systems

Masaya Yamamoto(Ibaraki Univ.),  Masatoshi Uno(Ibaraki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-31
Proposal and Operation Analysis for PWM Converters Integrating PV Equalizer for Small Space Probes

Toshiki Shinohara(Ibaraki Univ.),  Masatoshi Uno(Ibaraki Univ.),  Akio Kukita(JAXA),  

[Paper #]EE2016-32
[Poster Presentation] Loss Reduction of a High Power Factor LED Drive Circuit with Series Current Bypass Circuits

Yuichi Noge(Tokyo College of Tech.),  Hiroyuki Fuse(Tokyo College of Tech.),  Takeshi Shimizu(Tokyo College of Tech.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-33
[Poster Presentation] LED Current Control Method of Dimmable LED Driver With Dual Active Bridge for 1kW-Class LED Floodlight

Hisahiro Yamanaka(Yamaguchi Univ),  Hiroaki Yamada(Yamaguchi Univ),  Toshihiko Tanaka(Yamaguchi Univ),  Masayuki Okamoto(UNIT),  

[Paper #]EE2016-34
[Poster Presentation] Study of Ultra-low voltage oscillator for Energy Harvesting

Satoshi Hashimoto(Osaka Tech),  Tsutomu Yoshimura(Osaka Tech),  Takao Kihara(Osaka Tech),  Hiroshi Makino(Osaka Tech),  Shuhei Iwade(Osaka Tech),  Yoshio Matsuda(Kanazawa Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-35
[Poster Presentation] Performance Characteristics of Novel Boundary Conduction Mode PFC Converter

Wang Jizhe(Nagasaki Univ.),  Hidenori Maruta(Nagasaki Univ.),  Fujio Kurokawa(Nagasaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-36
[Poster Presentation] Dynamic Characteristics analysis of Fully Digital Current Mode DC-DC Converter

Shintaro Nibu(Nagasaki Univ.),  Yudai Furukawa(Nagasaki Univ.),  Hidenori Maruta(Nagasaki Univ.),  Fujio Kurokawa(Nagasaki Univ.),  Keiichi Hirose(NTT Facilities),  Ilhami Colak(Istanbul Nisantasi Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-37
[Special Talk] Control and Dynamic Performance of Switching Power Supply

Takashi Nabeshima(Oita Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-42
[Poster Presentation] Characteristics comparison of class-E^2 and class-D-E wireless power transfer system

Takumi Noda(Chiba Univ.),  Takumi Murayama(Chiba Univ.),  Hiroo Sekiya(Chiba Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-38
[Poster Presentation] An Isolated AC/DC Converter with two active-clamp circuits for low power apprications

Kimihiro Nishijima(Oita Univ.),  Shoya Takashita(Oita Univ.),  Terukazu Sato(Oita Univ.),  Shohtaroh Sohma(REDC),  Yuji Takeyama(REDC),  

[Paper #]EE2016-39
[Poster Presentation] Effect on Voltage Dividing Class E Amplifier by Circuit Parameters

Katsutoshi Hirayama(Nagasaki Univ.),  Takuya Shirakawa(Nagasaki Univ.),  Tadashi Suetsugu(Fukuoka Univ.),  Hidenori Maruta(Nagasaki Univ.),  Fujio Kurokawa(Nagasaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-40
[Poster Presentation] Capacitor coupling coupled inductor three stage converter for EDLC

Hiroki Ono(Oita Univ.),  Michiharu kawano(Oita Univ.),  Terukazu sato(Oita Univ.),  Kimihiro Nishijima(Oita Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-41
Accuracy Considerations of Electromagnetic Simulation for Designing Power Transformers

Kunpei Yoshikawa(Shindengen),  Tetsuya Oshikata(Shindengen),  

[Paper #]EE2016-47
Oscillation Frequency and Oscillation Conditions Analysis of Gate Driver Using Single LC Oscillator

Kento Goto(Nagasaki Univ.),  Naoyuki Ishibashi(Nagasaki Univ.),  Masahiko Hirokawa(TDK),  Akihiko Katsuki(Nagasaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-44
Analysis of High Frequency Push-Pull LC Oscillator as Gate Driver

Naoyuki Ishibashi(Nagasaki Univ.),  Masahiko Hirokawa(TDK),  Akihiko Katsuki(Nagasaki Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-45
The Fast MPPT Algorithm and Stability Analysis

Soichiro Nakamura(SEL),  Minoru Iwasa(JAXA),  Masatoshi Nakahara(Sojo Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-46
Digital PID Control Using High Order Predictive Control

Takayuki Yoshiyama(Oita Univ.),  Terukazu Sato(Oita Univ.),  Kimihiro Nishijima(Oita Univ.),  

[Paper #]EE2016-43