DEWS2006 International Sessions Program

Session 2A [International Session 1] Session 3A [International Session 2] Session 4A [International Session 3] Invited Talk by Prof. Shang Wang Session 2D [Demonstration]

Session 2A [International Session 1]: 3/2 8:30-10:00 (Room A)
Chair: Xing Chen (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
Session 3A [International Session 2]: 3/2 10:40-12:10 (Room A)
Chair: Anirban Mondal (U. Tokyo)
Session 2D (International Session)[Demonstration]: 3/2 10:40-12:10, Core Time 12:10-12:50 (Room D)
Invited Talk 3/2 13:50-14:50 Room S
Chair: Yoshifumi Masunaga (Ochanomizu U) invited talk
An Introduction to CCF-DBS and Keyword Search in Relational Databases
Prof. Shang Wang
(President of CCF-DBS and Renmin University of China)
The China Computer Federation Database Society (CCF DBS, is one of the societies of China Computer Federation (CCF). CCF is the largest national academic organization in China established in 1956. In 1977, database researchers formed a Database Group, a third level unit in the CCF hierarchy, under the Software Society of CCF. After 22 years, the group was upgraded to Database Society, a second level unit in CCF hierarchy, in August 1999. A research result on keyword search in relational databases will be included in this presentation.
Session 4A[Intenrational Session 3] : 3/2 15:05-17:30 (Room A)
Chair: Somchai Chatvichienchai (Siebold Univ. Nagasaki)