Lecture on Jan 27, 2023(Fri) at Muroran Institute of Technology

Jan 27, 2023(Fri), 16:15-17:45
R205, Education & Research Building No. 8, Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan.
Prof. Xin Zhu (The University of Aizu)
AI medicine: history, present and future
Recent progress in deep learning has seen the implementation of AI in medicine. In this presentation, the history, present and future of AI medicine will be introduced and explained, especially in the analysis of medical images, signals and information. Some pitfalls of AI medicine will also be introduced and should be avoided in future research. Some hot topics like attention, explainable AI, edging computing and federal learning will be mentioned in the end.
Contact person
Prof. Mianxiong Dong (Muroran Institute of Technology)