What is Technical Meeting of IEICE ITS

With the development of modern society, a variety of problems, environmental pollution, city planning, disaster prevention, ageing population, are becoming critical issues. The integration of the information stream (from communication network) and vehicle flow (from traffic network) is expected to be realized for improving our society. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) utilizes the most advanced technologies of communication, electronics, positioning, network control, information security and computer vision in an integrated manner to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, increase the safety and efficiency of traffic systems. Currently, those ITS related topics are intensively discussed, and will be addressed comprehensively and systematically in the future prospect.

This technical committee calls for papers and proposals exploring various problems in ITS research fields, and provides a platform for researchers to establish connection and cooperation. We are aiming to promote the exchange of information and communication between researchers, and further contribute to the development of ITS.

Message from Chair

The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Study Group of the IEICE Society has developed a wide range of technologies such as signal processing, communication, control, and image processing handled by the Society for the purpose of improving and facilitating traffic safety. Based on the foundation, we have advanced to this day with the aim of not only innovation of basic technology but also development of applied technology as a boundary.

The practical application of autonomous driving of automobiles is imminent, and smart cities and smart mobility centered on MaaS (Mobility as a Service) will bring about major changes in our lives. Furthermore, ITS is expected in various fields as a technology that helps solve various problems such as the imminent super-aging society, environmental load, and inequalities between regions.

The basic technologies that support ITS that enrich our lives still have various issues, and the infinite possibilities for their applied technologies are expanding. In order to solve these important social issues, the ITS Study Group is actively engaged in discussions. Since ITS is a field based on the organic combination of various elemental technologies, we actively share discussions not only with research groups in other specialized fields of the IEICE, but also with research organizations of other societies, and many researchers are fighting hot discussions. We also encourage students and young researchers to make presentations and award incentive awards.

Together with everyone, we will continue to revitalize the ITS Study Group in order to solve various social issues based on ITS technology. Let’s open up tomorrow’s ITS together.
Chair : Yusuke Takatori (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)