The IEICE Transactions on Electronics The Information for Authors

The contents would be subject to change without notification in advance.
[Last Revised on
September 3, 2020] since October 1, 2002.

Table of Contents

1. General guidelines

1.1 Types of manuscript
1.2 Eligibility for submission
1.3 Originality of manuscript
1.3.1 Copyright compliance
1.3.2 No duplicate submissions
1.4 Counter measures against duplicate submission
1.5 Protection of Personal Information
1.6 Ethical considerations in research involving human subjects

2. Process for Initial Submission of a Manuscript

3. Manuscript Style Specifications

3.1 Length of manuscript
3.2 Manuscript style
3.3 Manuscript format
3.4 When using an IEICE LaTeX style file
3.5 When using an MS-Word Template file
3.6 Style for figures, photographs and tables
3.7 References

3.7.1 Style for references
3.7.2 Articles with DOI
3.7.3 Citation of references

4. Galley Proofs

5. Page Charges

5.1 Page charges 
5.2 Penalties for failure to pay for page charges (papers published by June 2019)
5.3 Overseas Membership Development Program (OMDP)
5.4 Open Access Option

6. Copyright

7. Review Process

7.1 Review criteria
7.2 Decision to accept for publication
7.3 Resubmission
7.4 Request for Reconsideration
7.5 Withdraw Submission

8. Advance publication


Appendix A. Copyright Transfer and Page Charge Agreement
Appendix B. Tables for Page Charges  
Appendix C. Abbreviated Journal Names 
Appendix D. Editorial Subject Indexes of The Four IEICE Transactions