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Benefits of Membership
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The necessary procedures can be conducted on the Internet.
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You can participate in various events:
You can submit your papers for publication in the appropriate Transactions.
You can participate in international conferences co-sponsored by the IEICE and major engineering societies of other countries.
You can register with one or more Societies and participate in Society-sponsored events.
You can participate in local events and student events of the IEICE.
You are entitled to apply to participate in voluntary-training courses sponsored by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) as a member. Furthermore, you can become a JABEE reviewer by participating in its reviews.
You can receive IEICE Publications:
You can read papers in the Transactions of your Society in electronic form.
You receive News Letters from your Society.
You can also benefit from miscellaneous member services.
You are eligible for various IEICE awards.
You can buy various IEICE publications (books, textbooks, handbooks, etc.) at member discount rates.
You can get information about papers presented in Technical Group meetings and General Conferences in the past. If you wish to make a copy of paper, you can do so by visiting the IEICE office or related facilities.
I-Scover (IEICE Knowledge Discovery) is available free of charge for anyone. But,for a person who has an IEICE membership, login is recommended to utilize some of its privileges.
You can use the email forwarding service with up to two forwarding addresses, and including a virus scan feature.
You can receive benefits under the shared benefit plan with other engineering societies (IEEE, the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, the Information Processing Society of Japan, etc.)
You can benefit from a discounted membership subscription if you are 60 or more years old, and can get free membership if the sum of your age(70 years old or old), and years of your membership exceeds 100.
You can get member discount rates for hotels, car hire and other travel expenditure(In Japan) .
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