International Sections -2017-
Agenda for All Sections Meeting 2017 IEICE Society Conference
Date : September 14, 2017 Thursday
Venue : Tokyo City University, Setagaya campus
Attendee : Vice Presidents,
President, Communication Society, IEICE Director
IAC (International Affairs Committee) Section Representatives,
IAC members,
Director, Journal and Transactions
Chair : Haruko KAWAHIGASHI, Director of IEICE
1 Opening Remarks Hiroto YASUURA Vice President of IEICE
2 Message from the Vice President Yoshiaki NAKANO Vice President of IEICE
3 Explanation about current situation of IEICE Kazue SAKO Vice President of IEICE,
Chairman of IEICE IAC
4 Group Discussion < THEME >
What should IEICE do to be an international academic society.
1) What is necessary to be respected as an international academic society?
2) What do you expect from IEICE?
3) What should be the strategy of IEICE for next 100 years.
5 Report from each group
Wrap-up and Overall comments
6 Group Photograph
7 Closing Remarks Haruko KAWAHIGASHI Director of IEICE
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