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Let’s Publish Your Paper through
Prompt Electronic Media in English “ComEX”
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2014 IEICE Society Conference Will Be Held at University of Tokushima Josanjima Campus, This Month, with English Session BS-6

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2015 IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum g2015 IEICE ICTFh Will Be Set UP at Manchester in UK

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Letfs Publish Your Paper through
Prompt Electronic Media in English gComEXh

Hiroyoshi Yamada, Prof. Dr.,
Niigata University, Japan,
Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Committee of ComEX
IEICE Communications Society
  One of global academic activities by IEICE Communications Society (IEICE ComSoc) is to promote R&D activities on ICT through the publication of IEICE Communications Express (ComEX). The ComEX is an electronic media for prompt paper publication on the Web. It has been evolved with continuous service improvement since it was set up in 2012, to provide world level papers with excellent quality for the general readers over the world. I would like to summarize the background and current situation of the media as Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Committee of ComEX, so that ComEX will be more familiar to you and useful for the earlier publication of your papers with less loss of time. The homepage of ComEX is available at Your access and paper submission is welcome.
  For the priority reservation of papers in the worldwide competitive R&D environment, IEICE Communications Society decided to launch the new online journal of English Letters, ComEX. The first edition of ComEX came forward in March, 2012 and successfully published on June 1, 2012. (Please refer to the prior article at Simultaneously, IEICE ComSoc terminated the category of Letters in the monthly IEICE Transactions on Communications. Thus, ComEX had the role of early publication and priority reservation in the field of communication technologies. In comparison with the other on-line journals like IEICE Electronics Express (ELEX), ComEX is based on the same scheme of early publication as in ELEX but ComEX is independent of any other journals to make easy and promote the paper submission.
  The Editorial Board of ComEX created the scheme of annual “ComEX Best Letter Award” to encourage world general researchers toward their early publication. The first paper selection was completed in the beginning of 2014 and the Letter entitled “Simple analytical method for wireless distributed networks considering contending and hidden nodes” submitted by Dr. Hiraku Okada and Prof. Kenichi Mase (ComEX, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 101-106, 2012) was selected as the Award winner out of many Letters published from June 2012 to the annual terminal month for the Award screening, September 2013. You can download the abstract or the whole paper at
Advantages of ComEX
  The features of ComEX in paper submission are summarized as:
(1) Papers are published immediately after acceptance. The 50% of authors received the notification within 20 days after submission.
(2)All the published papers are archived on the Web page of ComEX and anyone can access each of them.
(3)Papers with multimedia files including movie files can be published.
(4)Papers are attached with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so that anyone can access the paper of interest from all over the world.
Additionally, all the materials contained in the first several years will be free of charge for anyone to read, download or print out the paper of interest on the Web.
Current Trend of Contributions
  Before the drastic change of publication scheme in the monthly Transaction in English in 2012, the ratio of Letters included in each volume of the Transaction had reached around the half of all papers. However, the number of Letters in ComEX doesn’t reach the former situation of paper submission yet. It will be required to not only intensify the advertisement of ComEX but also improve the citation of Letters published in ComEX. Since the Editorial Committee of ComEX already applied to the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI) service managed by Thomson Reuters Professional Ltd., after the publication, we hope ComEX will come out in the authorized journal list in due course and be more attractive to general researchers and students over the world in submitting their papers. Additionally, IEICE launched the IEICE Knowledge Discovery (I-Scover) which would be a global scale of database for the free-of-charge search of published papers including letters across multiple publications of IEICE, so that it will be much effective for the enhancement of citation index to the authors
(See the issue at
Evolving Prompt Publication System
The Letters in ComEX are classified into the three categories:
-Prompt report of research results in real time
-Discussion through Letters
-Problem statement
Especially, the first category will lead a great advantage of priority reservation for authors that they can publish their R&D results without time-lag in the growing competitive R&D environment.
For the categories, ComEX has kept the following rules:
<To authors>
(1) Specified format in paper description
Any manuscripts to ComEX can be submitted only on the ComEX Web site, through a specified LaTeX form or Microsoft Word template.
(2) Limited size of manuscript
The allowable size of manuscript does not exceed six pages of an A4-sized PDF file in principle. The first page must contain the paper title, author list, affiliation(s), 100-word abstract, keywords and references. The size of the main text is limited to be approximately less than 1,500 words and 3 additional figures or tables.
<To Editors>
The members of ComEX Editorial Committee are selected out of many candidates with sufficient experience of editorial works. Furthermore, renowned and powerful world class researchers are invited as advisory members. Thus, the quality of published papers can be kept or improved to disseminate precious accomplishments.
<To Reviewers>
The early circulation of publication with excellent quality is the most important for both authors and readers. All the reviewers are requested to precisely examine manuscripts and report the review results in one week after the delivery of papers from the Editorial Committee. All manuscripts are evaluated to be either "Accepted" or "Rejected" without “Conditional Acceptance” for publication.
<To Public Relations Officers>
As soon as a manuscript is ready for on-line publication, it is published on the First Come First Serve basis without delay.
Updated Statistics of Editorial Works
  The updated trend of cumulative days required to review, notify the review results of either acceptance or rejection, and publish a manuscript has been surveyed during one and half year from March 2012 to November 2013. The result of this surveillance is summarized as follows:
(1)The 50% value of cumulative distribution of days required to review a paper in editorial works stands around 7 days after the paper submission which was planned by the Editorial Committee for the first time.
(2)The 50% value corresponding to the days required to review and notice the decision stands at 20 days after the paper submission. Behind this process, many people punctually proceed quite many elaborative works behind, before the notice. For example, this process covers the format check by editorial officers, assignment of the best Associate Editor by the Editors, assignment of reviewer by the Associate Editor, detailed examination, preparation of report for decision making and so on.
(3)The 50% value corresponding to the days required to review, notify the decision and publish the paper stands around 45 days. The most of the difference 25 days are required for the final editorial process just before printing and delivery.
  The monthly number of paper submission stands on (17.2 +/-4.9) paper submissions and the monthly number of published papers stands on (7.2+/-2.9) paper submissions. The ratio of accepted paper is 32.6% in average in 2012, and 39.8% in average in 2013. Since the quality of paper review has been kept to be constant, it means the quality enhancement of submitted papers. Table 1 roughly shows the number of submitted papers and ratio of acceptance in 2013.
Table 1 The number of submitted and accepted papers
  State Submission Acceptance(%)
  Japan 114 60
  China 26 14
  Korea 18 9
  India 8 4
  Iran 5 3
  Malaysia 4 2
  Taiwan 4 2
  USA 3 2
  Others 7 4
  The Editorial Committee will continue the effort of prompt release of papers after submission with the specified Letter form and reduction of time required for the editorial works so that ComEX would be useful for the researchers or students over the world.
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Hot Topics

2014 IEICE Society Conference Will Be Held at University of Tokushima Josanjima Campus, This Month, with English Session BS-6

  2014 IEICE Society Conference will be held at the University of Tokushima Josanjima Campus on September 23-26, 2014. It is located in Tokushima City, Shikoku Island, the south of Japan. The consecutive complete English Session BS-6 entitled “ Network and Service Design, Control and Management” will be provided in the Conference. This Session was originally established by Technical Committee on Information Communication Management (ICM) of IEICE Communications Society in 2004 and it has been set up every year, without interruption. It has contributed to the globalization of IEICE through positive participation of international researchers and students staying in Japan adding to IEICE overseas members.
This Session will provide 36 English paper presentations in total to the participants during the four days of the Conference and take the initiative of useful discussion in English between the speakers and participants. The main topics covers wireless LANs and mobility issues, performance issues of wireless networks and ad-hoc networks, cloud computing, disaster recovery, disaster prevention, and next generation mobile network issues. The award will be given to the best papers in the Session. (Cf.
The 5th IEICE International Conference on Integrated Circuits,
Design, and Verification gICDV 2014h Coming Up Soon!
Xuan-Tu Tran, Assoc. Prof. Dr.,
VNU University of Engineering and Technology,
Hanoi, Vietnam,
Vice Chairman, IEICE Vietnam Section
  The 5th IEICE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification gICDV 2014h will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 14-15, 2014. It is hosted by VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) and sponsored by IEICE Vietnam Section, Technical Committee on Integrated Circuits and Devices / IEICE Electronics Society, Technical Committee on VLSI Design Technologies / IEICE Engineering Science Society, in collaboration with Technical Committee on Microwave Engineering / IEICE Electronics Society, IEEE SSCS Japan Chapter, IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapter, IEEE SSCS Vietnam Chapter and The Radio-Electronics Association of Vietnam. Important dates are:
- Full manuscript submission: Sep. 05, 2014 (extended).
- Notification of acceptance: Oct. 05, 2014 (extended)
- Camera-ready submission: Oct. 15, 2014 (extended)
(Refer to ICDV2014 papers will be included in the conference proceedings with ISBN and they will be invited to re-submit an extension to REV Journal on Electronics and Communications (JEC) and VNU Journal of Computer Science and Communication Engineering (JCSCE). If any, please contact one of TPC Chairs, Assc. Prof. X.T. Tran, ICDV2014 TPC Chair via Internet at
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Call for Papers

2015 IEICE Information and Communication
Technology Forum g2015 IEICE ICTFh Will Be Set UP at Manchester in UK

Haris Gacanin, Dr.,
Alcatel-Lucent Bell N.V., Antwerp, Belgium
Representative of IEICE Europe Section
  The 2015 IEICE Information and Technology Forum (IEICE ICTF 2015) will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom on June 3-5, 2015. This event, now traditionally held every year, will be organized by IEICE Europe Section with the sponsorship of IEICE and IEICE Communications Society. IEICE ICTF2015 is based on the direct effort of IEICE Europe Section toward the establishment of stronger IEICE initiatives in Europe and the kind help of industry and academia dedicated to innovation across the broad field of communication technologies in gathering researchers and students.
  This conference will be a very good opportunity for you to join our initiative and establish relationships with other researchers in Europe and Japan, through presentation of your research results. You are invited to submit papers in different areas of communications, networks and applications, electronics and engineering. For more information in details, please visit and follow the homepage of IEICE ICTF 2015 at All the publications in the conference will be published in digital data base of IEICE, gI-Scoverh. Important dates are:
-Full Paper due: December 5, 2014
-Notification of Acceptance: March 8, 2015
-Camera ready paper submission due: April 5, 2015
For any question, please contact Dr. Haris at  or
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